Park your funds.. 9% interest guaranteed

Sales are booming in the international car park sector as investors turn towards alternative assets in order to offset continued poor performance and volatility within traditional investments. 



Car park investment is an innovative, niche asset class offering market leading yield and capital growth prospects. Private & UK pension fund investors are now able to purchase a specific car park space in a global city-centre or business district location, identified by extensive research as having the greatest potential for strong revenue streams due to demand, coupled with superior capital growth prospects. The car park bays are not stand-alone multi-storey car parks which rely on short term visitors for shopping or tourism, but instead form all or part of large city centre office buildings, where there is a captive market for the spaces and also where demand is created by corporate tenants who enter into longer-term contracts with specialist car park operators. Returns are guaranteed for the first 5 years at 7% year one, rising to 11% year five, giving an average return of 9% gross per annum. Since the product was launched on September 15th 2010 an incredible £2 million worth of spaces have been snapped up in just the first eight weeks. Importantly, guarantees are built- in via escrow accounts whilst funds are protected via UK Trustees to add an additional layer of security. This is the first time this interesting and lucrative asset class has been available to private investors via a secure structure and from just £25,000 per space. In comparison to traditional ‘bricks and mortar‘ property investment, there is a great deal of research to suggest that says car parks are a better investment in the long term. The key with any property is location and all the car parks are in commercial buildings where people will drive to work and as such the car parks will be in prime locations. Once the funds are parked, how do investors exit? There are three options after the 5 years: • Sell the car park space back to the operator for the original purchase price • Sell on the open market • Negotiate and renew the rental lease with the operator. If you would like further information please call 966471328 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to drive your wealth in the right direction Just ask yourself this question when can you remember car park charges going down !! See main advert in June Issue of Trader

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