Javea UFO Discussion/Research Group and World Mysteries


Javea UFO Discussion/Research Group and World Mysteries

Our group has been meeting in Javea since 1994 and is a very successful forum for discussion, research and information on a wide range of subjects.

We cover Ancient and Modern ufology, including Roswell, Mayas, Incas Sumerians and Egyptians. World Mysteries, also encompassing conspiracies, crop circles, earth changes, global warming, the New World Order and many other contentious subjects in our quest for the truth. 

Probably the most talked about incident in recent UFO history is Roswell. Something came down in a storm on 4th July 1947. Was it as the Americans say, an experimental balloon, or as most Ufologists believe an extra-terrestrial spacecraft? The debate has raged for over 60 years and has been denied and covered up ever since. We ask why?

Rendlesham Forest was a modern day visit by spacecraft in Suffolk, England. Soldiers on duty saw a spacecraft descend, but was it extra terrestrial visit, or an experimental craft from a nearby US airbase. We discuss!

Were the Egyptian Gods in fact visitors from outer space, sent to earth to educate mankind? What are the pyramids telling us and how can we solve the controversies surrounding them?

We research!

Crop circles - what are they? Who formed them? Terrestrial, extra terrestrial or dimensional?

What are the messages they are telling us?

In February 2008, our monthly talk was on the Sun and the strange sightings that have occurred in the last few years around the Sun. Strange beams of energy and shapes looking very similar to some sort of craft.

Our  talk on 7th March was on recent Sightings and the Mars Entity. In recent weeks, what appears to be a statue on Mars has been reported in the press, and one of our vice presidents, Yvonne Cleak, has been investigating.

The subjects are endless and we discuss them all. Everyone gets a hearing and all members of the group can express their views in a friendly and thoughtful atmosphere. We also have an extensive library of books, DVDs and Videos (Members only) for renting at every meeting.

Pam Handford has been our President, since she formed the group 15 years ago, she is currently taking a more limited role due to ill health but we hope to have her back fighting fit soon. Pam has had an interesting life, including time as a 12-year-old soprano with the Girton Juvenile Follies raising money for the Red Cross during WW2. Then serving in intelligence training with the School Of Military Intelligence at Maresfield Park. She then moved into the City of London and spent time working at the Law Society and then at the end of her career, working in the Legal departments of a leading recruitment company and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Pam has been studying and researching UFO phenomena and World Mysteries for 44 years and has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in this field. We depend on her knowledge and have done for many years. For this we thank you Pam! Picture Attached.

The group meets on the first Friday in the month (except January, July and August), in the Social Services Centre in the Old Town, Javea. Parking can be found in the new car park in Constitution Square. All are welcome to attend the meetings as observers before they join, and we can email our newsletter to anyone interested, just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our new website http://ufo-javea.wetpaint.com
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