Mars- The Mystery

Mars is a mystery, no doubt about that. I thought it might be a good idea to write about the Planet as it's been in and around earth for the past few months.


We had a visit from the red planet in November as it came in to close proximity with the Earth's orbit during that time. Mars and Earth have a very uneasy relationship. The atmosphere of both planets seems to clash and cause disturbance. Whatever the reason, we had a number of extremely interesting sightings during the months of December 2007 and January 2008.

They were reported from all over the world, by all sorts of people, and the records show there were mass sightings reported by a number of people who were pretty excited as they had never seen anything like the unusual craft that have appeared suddenly in their viewing area.

We had a video of the UFO sightings at the last meeting which I hope you all enjoyed. I hope to expand upon the subject in the future. We had the usual view of the Red Mars surface, The Face, the Heart, and of course the Pyramids, there is also evidence of water having been on Mars and this would point to the fact there was life at some stage on the strange landscape of our near neighbour.

 Mars is not unlike earth, it has winds, blue skies, mountains, and of course its famous Volcanoes, Olympus Mons and Tharsis Montes Another very interesting feature are what look like the remains of an Inca city. As pointed out to me, it was far too well laid out to be an accident of nature.

Years ago I was looking at a photograph of Mars and I could see what looked like the remains of Mayan Plazas buried beneath the surface of Mars, we have the evidence that Mars may have been inhabited by an ancient civilization. The evidence of the monuments of Mars have long been under discussion as to whether they are artificial or just accidental shapes made factual by the collective imagination. Somehow I find the latter a little hard to believe!

We have all kinds of interesting reports relayed back to earth since we have had the Viking landings, the first of which was on 20th July 1976. Three dimensional analysis on the Face at Cydonia show previously unnoticed details in the Face. For example, bilateral lines crossing above the eyes that are suggestive of a diadem; teeth in the mouth and stripes on the headdress.   The analysis on the Face was carried out using the methods to enhance x-rays, remote sensing, satellite images, and so on. So it would be extremely interesting to have such a professional study undertaken on the new image found

on Mars.

  He has been named the Entity on Mars, and the figure sitting in lonely solitude on the green rocks and boulders of that area. Perhaps he is waiting for Venus? Who knows; what ever the reason Mars continues to mystify us even more. The green rock looks like chunks of Malachite which is formed by a corrosion of water on copper and may very well be the composition of the rocks strewn about. However, there is the possibility that it could be Jade; we can carry on with endless discussion on this aspect alone. Again we are faced with the evidence of the facts; we have new evidence with the man from Mars. Was he a statue on top of a long and pretty high Pillar, placed there as A tribute to his fame perhaps? Could the building beneath the sands have been another Monument? Perhaps he is the face of the last civilization to inhabit Mars ,his features close up resembles the face on the Cydonian plane and I think this could be the image of  the people on  Mars.

No one can say for sure, we can of course become cosmic detectives, this sounds fun and constructive in lots of ways, Mars is a mystery that will be ongoing for the unforeseen future. Somehow I feel we are going to have a lot of revelations in the not too distant future…I am looking forward to that as you can imagine.

Yvonne Cleak


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