Ayora Valley Art Group

Some members of Ayora Valley Art Group: Left to Right, Rhoda, Angela, Heather, Freda, Marie and Rita (sitting).

Ayora Valley, situated on the most westerly point of the Valencia province, is bordered on the east by the beautiful La Muela de Cortes National Reserve  and on the west by the peaks of Palomeras at 1250m and Monte Mayor at 1108m that dominate a range of mountains stretching to Albacete and beyond. 

Coming off the A31 at Almansa onto the N332 you enter an agriculture valley just 24

kilometres long by 4 kilometres at the widest, that offers much for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and canoeing, and is an inspiration to photographers and artists.

Scattered throughout the valley are a number of  small villages, each with its on unique character and indiviual summer fiestas that are planned so that you can take part in a different fiesta each week and end up exhausted but happy by the beginning of September. Jarafuel, the fourth village in the valley ends its fiesta with a spectacular water battle, enormous fun for all the family and shouldn’t be missed. Ayora, the first village, is known as the “metropolis” because it has, amongst other modern conveniences, a Consum supermarket, an internet cafe, more 4x4’s than the rest of the valley put together, and a population of around 5000. 

About two years ago some friends from the various villages got together and formed the Ayora Valley Art Group based in Zarra village.  Some of us had painted in the past and some had never touched a paint brush, so we invited Gaynor House, a certified Bob Ross Instructor who lives near Murcia, to visit our group and give us a kick start.  She gave us three weekends of her valuable instruction during the course of the first year and we haven’t looked back, leaving Bob Ross behind and going on to develop our own unique styles.

The Group’s holding its first exhibition at the Casa de la Cultura in Ayora from the 27th of June to 8th of  July, open daily from 11:00 to 14:00 and 18:00 to 21:00.  Artists need exposure to comments and feedback from people outside their family or group so do visit the exhibition. If you’re from outside the valley why not spend a day here exploring the villages and countryside, have a meal in one of the local bars/restaurants, and call in to the Casa de la Cultura. 

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