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MotoMania Column February 2007

Welcome to the MotoMania column in the Inland Trader compiled by members of the Tour and Track International Motorcycle Club.

Second Sunday

Our Second Sunday Ride Out – that is the Second Sunday of every month – which we organised for 14th January was the best yet with about 30 bikes in attendance.  I say about 30 bikes because I didn’t get chance to count them, or take photo’s, as we were too busy admiring the many and varied bikes that turned up.

The star of that Sunday has got to be the Ducati 1098 which is the first bought in Spain and what a work of art it is.  We didn’t get the Spanish owners name but Tour and Track are happy to be associated with the mechanic that supplied the bike and many of the other bikes out that Sunday.

Meet up at Meson El Jardin in Castalla at 9 am on 11th February if you want to join us on the next Second Sunday Ride Out.  Don’t worry if your bike isn’t the latest or the fastest, we have 125 cc’s up to 1800’s.

During the week he’s an office stationery salesman but on a track day he’s a knee down racer.

Moto GP

Spain is the only country in the world to host more than one Moto GP competition.  In fact Spain hosts three rounds of the Moto GP.  This year the highest category of riders are changing from riding 990 cc bikes to 800 cc in what was supposed to be a move to increase safety and reduce speeds.  In testing the 800 cc bikes, at the Valencian circuit, Dani Pedrosa has already beaten his times on the 990 Honda.

2007 looks as though it will be a very close competition and therefore very entertaining viewing.  Tour and Track will be at a number of the events in Spain and Portugal.  If you are interested in attending and sampling the brilliant atmosphere of these events get in touch.

Up and Coming Events

Club Meeting - Due to popular demand there will be a TnT club meeting/breakfast on the 4th Sunday of every month at the El Jardin, Castalla.  The first one will be on 28th Jan 2007 at 9:30 am.

3 and 4 February - Track Riding Courses CARTAGENA


11 February – 5th Classic Bike Market Pla de la Vallonga Industrial Estate ALICANTE

24 to 28 February – Tour MOROCCO!!  Call for details.

3 and 4 March - Track Riding Courses ALMERÍA

31 March – 1st MAC90 The Race CARTAGENA

March 25th - MotoGP Jerez de la Frontera.  If you want to go let us know soon as we have reserved a small number of entry tickets and hotel rooms.

See you next month.

Ray (687 206 908)

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NEXT MONTH: Let the GP’s and Touring begin!

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