July Festivals



 Saint Christopher is the legendary saint of the christian Panteon who is represented as a giant with baby Jesus sitting on his shoulders. One of the most impressive statues of this saint was that of Valencia which was 6 metres tall and last appeared in a procession in 1905 before it was destroyed in 1936. This saint is revered in several Valencian towns, Alboraia, for example, celebrates its festivals during the first fortnight of the month. He is also the patron saint of drivers and transporters. This arose due to his physical build and because he transported travellers (including Jesus one time) from one side of a dangerous river to the other. This day is celebrated with blessings and excursions of the saint in cars. Notable celebrations are those of Almussafes, Aldaia, Alberic y Cullera



Second Fortnight of July




 The first Fair of Valencia was in 1871. Since then, every 2nd fortnight of July, the Alameda walkway has been used as a Fair ground, with pavillions and people who want to enjoy themslves. The city's summer is revived by mechanical rides, cultural events, sports competitions and the obligatory fireworks. Among all the celebrations, two stand out, the Bull Festival in the bull ring and the Flower Battle: a war without injury, the weapons are fresh and colourful: thousands of flowers are thrown among the public and beautiful carraiges decorated with flowers participate too





Saturday closest to July 22nd




Before L'Olleria celebrates it Moors And Christain festivals in the first week of September, the Magdalen festival, which had been forgotten for a long time, maintains an interesting custom: "The Fools' Dance". The dancers create figures by hitting rabbit skins stuffed with wool in a similar fashion to pole dancing. They end by constructing human towers with figures like the well known Figuereta: when the young builder who crowns the structure, head down, lift up his legs.


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