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 "Hui València s'atabolla per vore els carros triomfals, les dansetes i els timbals, misteris i la degolla"


On the day of Corpus Christi the maximum feast of the Body of Christ and the Catholic religion is celebrated. Hundreds of processions, that have inherited Baroque customs, wind their way through our towns preceded and followed by strange allegoric figures and characters such as giants, dwarfs, eagles and ancient dances. Most noteworthy are the processions in Valencia, Xàtiva, Gandia, Almàssera, Foios, Ontinyent as well as the carpets of flowers in Picanya. Valencia is one of the first and most splendorous of places for the celebration of


Corpus Christi. Since 1355 it has influenced other towns and cities of the Valencian Community: The Giants (tradition from 1589), The Nanos, the Biblical characters (l'aüelo Colomet-Noé; Josué; els Cirialots, ancient apocalyptics carrying candles; la Degollà; the soldiers of King Herod chasing the children) the dances (the Moma y sus Momos representative of the fights between the seven capital sins and virtue, Los Arquets, els Pastorets, la Magrana, els Llauradors, els Turcs) the figures (the Eagle of Saint John). Also the Rocas, large symbolic floats pulled by teams of horses upon which are acted out in song the religious mysteries such as the story of Adam and Eve, Saint Cristofol (XVth Century). The festival begins on the Friday before when the Rocas are removed from their museum in the afternoon and taken to the Plaza de la Virgen (Virgin Square).  In Xàtiva the festival is very much based on that of Valencia. It is a vibrant celebration that begins with the Convit procession. 'Altarets' (small altars) are situated in various streets, there are decorated tables where the Corpus Christi is left for the locals to give adoration. In the afternoon the civil procession begins an hour before the religious service, a reminder of the festive prohibition of previous times.




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