March Festivals in Valencia





"Una estoreta velleta "pa" la falla de San Josep...."

The most international of our festivals completely changes the appearance of the city during March, from the moment of the 'Crida' (the Call, the Sunday nearest 1st March) everyone is invited to take part in the festival. However the most noteworthy days are; the night of the 15th, when the 500 Fallas, monuments of hard cardboard, are mounted; The floral offering to the Virgin of the Unsheltered on the afternoons of the 17th and 18th; The mascletaes' (daylight fireworks) in the Town Square; The fireworks and the daily 'despertaes' (awakenings).

All these make up the series of events leading up to the closure on the night of the 19th, the feast day of Saint Joseph, with the spectacular 'Cremà' (burning) of all the Fallas. Only one is reprieved by popular decision, one figure: el Ninot Indultat (The Pardoned Figure). Many other towns and villages celebrate this satirical festival with enormous enthusiasm and participation. Gandia, Alzira, Xàtiva y Torrent stand out for their overall involvement and the quantity of monuments mounted.



 "Quan arriba el roquerol, primavera, si Déu vol"


With the arrival of spring, day and night become the same. The light continues its slow progression gaining ground and the earth shows its first fruits. It is time for tributes to the coming of the good weather and spells so that it continues to be favourable. Easter, with its pilgrimages and getaways into the country, marks the most colourful season of the year. From Palm Sunday until the Sunday Of The Resurrection, Holy Week


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