February Festivals



 'Espanyoletos, Granaders, Contrabandistes, Tercio de Zuavos, Estudiants, Moros Vells, Marrocs, Moros Marinos y Mosqueters', characters that normally have more to do with political/military matters of the XIXth Century than with Medieval battles, take part in the hundreds of different acts that make up the celebrations of the Moors and Christians in Bocairent. On the night of the 1st February with the ' la Retreta de les Caixes' (a procession of great lamps in time with the percussion rhythm that recalls the proclamation of Saint Blas as the patron of the town in 1632) the festive spirit begins and extends over four days which includes the spectacles of Entrance, battles of arquebus, the burning of Mahoma and finalising on the 5th with the act of the 'Despojo', in which the defeated Moor takes of his robes and embraces the faith of Christianity. The most touching moment takes place on the day of Saint Blas during the procession when, by the light of the wax candles, thousands of colourful aleluyas are thrown out from the balconies ("vitol i vitol al patró Sant Blai") as the image of the saint makes its way into the Town Square



The Carnival festival finds its most popular form of expression in Bèlgida. It unites the 'pagan' celebration, originating in the XIXth Century, with the dedication to Saint Ramón (patron saint of difficult childbirths who protected the town from cholera; which gave way to the town getting rid of all types of prohibitions). On the Saturday afternoon locals dress up in fancy dress and have a battle of eggs and water. At night, still dressed up, there is a tremendous ceremonious carnivalesque dance around the fountain. One can not miss the great flour fight, 'l'enfarinà' which, "as always", is fought boys against girls.



Но все же сожженный Ленин, "Скачать игру"аки феникс-птица, из праха возник для памятливого русского народа.

Великий Ван делал вид, будто не видит, как тот прицелился и выстрелил и как пуля устремилась к его голове.

Он сходил в лабораторию, ветеринарскую, и принес оттуда Свертальфа.

Мертвец ощущал бы себя менее "Юбилейные монеты красная книга купить"одиноким, ибо единственное, что существовало во всей Вселенной был я.

Уилбур увидел розовую пластмассовую упаковку на столике в трех шагах от дивана, на котором сидел "Книги николая свечина скачать бесплатно"толстяк, и передал ему таблетки.

У нас есть еще одна возможность хоть немного отблагодарить тебя.

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