ontinyent1.gifThe capital town of the Vall d’Albaida, Ontinyent is a large town with everything to offer tourists or permanent residents. Situated on the Clariano river the town is home to around 34,000 people, (approx 300 English registered on the pardon). The town may not be a traditional pretty white washed postcard town but still has plenty to offer. Visit the old town ‘La Villa’ to see the historic part of town and the beautiful Santa Maria’s church which houses the highest bell tower in the Province of Valencia, dating from the XVth century. Locals swim in the beauty spot ‘Pou Clar’ a wonderfully cool tranquil river which during the winter thunders down the mountain, but in the summer provides a perfect cooling off spot. Take your swimmers and a deep breath and jump in for an unforgettable experience. If your feeling energetic, take a hike up to San Esteve, a hermitage situated almost 800 metres up on the mountain, offering breath taking views of the valley. During July people go up in pilgrimage to pray to the Saint for good weather. For something a little more relaxing visit La Clariana Park with its exceptional gardens, ponds, animals and small palace dating back to 1898. The town celebrates the usual fiestas with gusto. Moors and Christians is particularly renowned in the area, with over 5,000 participants, animals and various musical bands, the celebrations in August are not to be missed. The fiesta of Purisimma, celebrated in December sees many activities from the Ofrena (the flower offering to the Virgen), els Gegants I Cabets (Giants and Bigheads) but especially  El Bou en Corda (bull on a rope).
Bulls run  within the town over the three days and locals spend most of the weekend drinking and catching up with friends. The town has all the facilities you would expect from any modern Spanish town, a fully functional hospital, various main chain supermarkets, a newly opened shopping mall with multiplex cinema. There is a good selection of schools offering either Castellano or Valenciano led education and every effort is made by all schools to integrate foreigners. On the outskirts of the town is the train station where you can be in Xativa in 15 minutes and change for trains to Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona among other places. Buses run, as expected sporadically, to coastal towns such as Gandia or Oliva but cars drivers can be on the coast in well under an hour. In the  Province of Valencia the prominent dialect is Valenciano but you will find locals will flip between this and Castellano, especially for visitors.
food4.gifThere are hundreds of tapas bars in the town serving local specialities such as blood sausages, and a small selection of Chinese and Turkish eateries. The main industry within the town has always been textiles, specialising in wool blankets and fabrics of exceptional quality. If you’re looking for something special then you are more than likely to find it in one of the many factory outlets in the industrial estate. Major textiles companies export their fabrics all over the world and have done so for centuries.

Football fans go each Sunday to the local ‘El Clariano’ to watch Ontinyent F.C. Over the past year there has been an increase in the number of English fans going to matches and now there is quite a following who are welcomed with open arms by the club. English run, Rokola bar-pizzeria offer a full and varied menu and in the near future will be holding quiz nights and will be the home bar of the Ontinyent Mens and Ladies darts teams. The owner, Michelle and her family also cater for  private functions, so pop along and enjoy this fab bar. There is also an Irish pub in the town for those Guiness fans out there. Among the back streets there are various bars, one I noticed had a pool table which is quite unusual. Anyone who likes to spend the night dancing away then La Clave is a modern nightclub where for around €10 entry (including a free drink) you can dance the night away to a mix of Spanish and English music. If you have kids but still enjoy a night out then in the summer visit the Glorieta Park. A perfectly enclosed park with the added bonus of a fully licensed outside bar. Let the kids run around until the early hours while you enjoy a drink during  the warm summer evening. this a very popular place in the summer with both the Spanish and English. During the Moors and Christians it is the perfect place to end a busy day watching the parades.
Ayuntamiento de Ontinyent
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Tourist Information
Pl. Sant Domingo, 13 bajo
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