New Market In Piles

  Sunday 25th March – mothers Day saw the start  of the new Piles Sunday market. In an effort to promote local businesses and make the playa an area for permanent living – the town hall organised this first Sunday market. At 7 o’clock the stall holders set up in eager anticipation of the day ahead.
For those of you who don’t know Piles it is a typically Spanish town outside of Oliva with a population of 2000. The playa population is around 150 of which I am one. The town is very popular with Spanish and French holidaymakers due to the history during the civil war.
The organisers could not have asked for as better day – the weather was perfect and one of the hottest days of the year. By 10Am the market had started to get busy and by 12 (I realised the clocks had gone forward so missed the hour between) the market was teaming.
The stalls sell everything from fruit and veg to jeans and t-shirts, with electrical goods, fabrics, paintings and pots and pans thrown in for good measure. Looking around all the bars were full – so you could say the market has had its desired result. If you want to come down the market starts at 9AM every Sunday, but you’d better come early to get the best seats.
While you are there why not drop into bar Spinach at the entrance to the playa –  Next Sunday Francois will be serving Bacons sandwiches and a coffee for 3€ ,  so come on down and enjoy your Sundays with a new alternative to Pedreguer or Potries Sunday markets – with a much more friendly atmosphere.

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