CAUDETE_DIG.gif How did the Iberians live? What did they used to eat and drink? Come this weekend to the Kelín archaeological site at Caudete de las Fuentes and you’ll find out. Have a meal and a good time, the historical way.
In the archaeological site of los Villares –also known as Kelin after the coin that was found to be minted in the village - found in the municipal area of Caudete de las Fuentes, to the West of the province of Valencia, the second open day session with Iberian gastronomy is being prepared for the 30th of April and the 1st of May in the archaeological site of Kelin.

During these two festive days you will learn more about the way of life of the Iberians that inhabited this village in the VI Century B.C.; minting   your very own kelin coin, making rings and bracelets and learning more about their writings and dances. Also, there are guided tours to the site and re-enactments of everyday scenes, such as bartering or rituals.

To round off this attractive journey to the past and totally immerse yourself in the way of life of this ancient race of people, you can eat and drink the same as an Iberian would in the bars and restaurants of this village.
The archaeological site of Los Villares was one of the most significant Iberian settlements on the Peninsula, and, apart from minting coins here, vine cultivation was already known. This was probably the beginnings of the wine-making culture in the Utiel-Requena area, which still produces excellent wines with the denomination of origin. To get there, you have to take the A 3 motorway between Valencia and Madrid and then the turning for Caudete de las Fuentes.

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