Easter in Bocairent
Easter is a religious time in Bocairent, with prayers; celebrations and religious offerings leading the way to the Feast of Resurrection: Vía Crucis, The Holy Burial and the Wake of the Resurrection. On the evening of the Resurrection, the children of the town set off from 'La Iglesia de l'Assumpció' through the ´Barrera Nova' and the town centre, running and pulling stings of cans behind them (Rastres), which creates a great din, celebrating the anniversary of when Christ had risen from the dead. On Easter Sunday, the inhabitants of Bocairent go to the mountains and spend the whole day there taking with them the traditional sweet Easter dish of “Monas de Pascua”. This is made up of flour, olive oil
Things to see in Bocairent
There is no shortage of things to see in Bocairent. If culture is right up your street then take a day out to venture through the winding hills of Bocairent to view some magnificent buildings, museums and significant works of art. Touted by the local oficina de turismo as the most significant building in the town, is the Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion y Museo (the Parish Church of Our Lady of the Ascension and Museum.) It is the home to a XV century fountain, a private chapel decorated with tempura paintings by Parreu dating from 1732, a further chapel of Saint Blas also built in 1732 and an altar decorated with “El Salvador” by famous local artist, Jose Segrelles. Also visit the local Archaeological Museum at the Town Hall with artefacts such as knives, arrow heads and stone hatchets dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many important findings on display here documenting Iberian culture throughout the ages. Then take some time out to visit the longest standing Bull Ring in the Valencian Community, which dates back to 1843. Originally excavated from rock from the surrounding mountainous terrain it has 4000 seats, six bull pens, an open air theatre, a slaughter house, infirmary and chapel. As well as bullfights it is the home to many of the town’s fiestas and

sports events. Then go to the east of

Bocairent and visit the Caves of the Moors, a National Artistic Monument, consisting of 53 artificially excavated hollows, dating back, so it is said to the days of Arab rule.

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