Sax and Surrounding Areas

Sax is situated in the Comarca of El Vinalopa Mitja. It has a population of 8664 and is 58km from the city of Alicante and about three quarters of an hour away from Alicante airport, and 89km from Benidorm. Suitably located, it is near to the beaches of the Costa Blanca, but situated far enough inland for the ex-pat to enjoy an authentic Spanish lifestyle.

The town evolved mainly through agriculture from its vines, olives and cereal production. Although this is still retained, Sax now has a strong industrial sector, where many of the local people are employed.

For the resident there is plenty to enjoy in Sax. It has a long cultural history and a very impressive castle crowning the town. There are also an assortment of churches and the Santa Blas hermitage, the Saint  the town’s annual Moors and Christian’s festival is dedicated every February. Other fiestas have a religious feel with the Fiesta for the Virgin of the Assumption in August and the Fiesta of the Virgin of the Fruta in September, which is a similar celebration to the English harvest festival. Like many other Spanish towns it commemorates Easter and the celebration of the Three Kings in January. Expect lots of fireworks, feasting and processions during fiesta times.

The town boasts all modern amenities with restaurants, hotels, shops, banks and a theatre. It is a good place for young people to live, having a Council for Youth and has been recently been awarded a grant to subsidise activities for the young, such as internet provision, table tennis tables and play stations at the local youth centre. On Friday night a film is shown and while on a cinematic theme there is an International Festival of Cinema held every year in the town.

For the towns children there are summer schools which provide sporting activities and cultural during the long summer break. The local town hall has a website albeit in Spanish, which provides  information regarding the town’s activities and telephone numbers.

Other amenities which may appeal is a sports centre with basketball, tennis and cycling clubs and you don’t need to speak the language to get involved.

There is also a railway station providing transport along the Alicante-Madrid line.

A number of expat businesses are in the area such as Car Clinic of Cocentaina which has recently set up a second Branch  garage in Sax. They provide a comprehensive car repair service and all in English!

If you fancy a taste of Cornwall pop to nearby Castalla to the Cornish Pride shop to indulge in pasties and cream teas. Also in Sax itself there is the Copper Kettle tearoom which provides a good old English cuppa and light snacks.

Also top up on your English groceries at the Betterbuys supermarket which shares space with the tearoom. If you prefer a stronger tipple than tea go to the Yorkshire Rose pub where you will immediately feel at home. They have a pool table, a rarity in Spain and also a  darts team which play in the Inland Trader darts league. They serve food and landlady Michelle is sure to give  you a warm welcome.

Another watering hole in nearby is Los Amigos in La Romana the English food shop has a light and airy café serving a range of hot and cold meals and snacks. Every Wednesday they serve a traditional fish ¨n¨ chip lunch, which makes me feel hungry just thinking about it.

For all you dog owners that sometimes pop back to UK you can board your beloved pet at Lezsonjas Boarding Kennels in Sax. Owner Sonia knows just about everything to do with dogs as you probably know from the column she writes for the Inland Trader. Sax is also home to The Inland Magazine, a free monthly glossy filled with advertisements and an assortment of features aimed at the expat community.

So although Sax is located in a very Spanish area, England is never far away

with the  thriving English community in the town itself and surrounding areas. It is a popular choice for all those wishing to buy property in Spain.

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