Piles fiesta ends in a bang

celebration for all of us lucky enough to live in Piles. Actually if you live in Piles town you probably have a different point of view as the fiestas go on all week and don’t stop until the Sunday morning.


Saturday 28th May was the last day and after nearly a week of celebrations there were a lot of tired faces around. For a town that has a population of around 1600 they all must have invited their friends and family because the place was mobbed with at least 2500 or more people.


During the week there had been the obligatory Paella competition, various other competitions and all round the town was a night market with various stalls – though I wouldn’t recommend the hot dog and chip van – everything was microwaved – even the bread. Every day has a different theme – couples, single women, (I missed that one unfortunately) babies and young people and all the processions are themed. Today was to be the day of the youth and they came out in their droves.


The celebrations start at around 10pm when there is a procession with all the local children dressed up in their costumes of many different colours – Joseph and his technicolour dream coat had nothing on this. The procession makes its way around town with the band playing in front of them. Then at around 11:30 everyone peels off to the outskirts of town where the fireworks start. For a small town Piles has one of the biggest and best fireworks displays I have seen. In total it lasted about 20 minutes and there were many marvellous colours, loud bangs and the like.


So it was back to the square where by this time the crowds had gathered. In the town square itself there were two large stages – one where the DJ was playing his mixes and a couple of very youthful girls were dancing on the stage and the other where the band were to play.


The band for this evening were called Estrena and are billed as one of the best bands in Spain. The equipment they had certainly looked as though we were in for a special evening.


And so they started at about 1am playing a mix of Spanish and English Rock and Roll and dance music. And dance the crowds did. The band were absolutely fantastic and had a real stage presence. The lead guitarists (there were two of them) played brilliantly, such songs as U2, With or without you, Dancing in the Dark (which we were) Bruce Springsteen, Cocaine, Eric Clapton and basically anything that would keep the crowds going, and go they certainly did. The stage was magnificent, the light show was spectacular and the music was excellent – what more could you want for a fiesta – except sleep if you live there.


We left at about 4:30 and the party was still going strong – Sunday afternoon saw a lot of tired eyes in Piles and the clear up had already finished. The fiesta had certainly left it’s mark and by Monday Piles was back to its usual sleepy village feel, totally unhurried and life just passes on by.


If you get the chance next year to go to the Piles Fiestas then you really should. Every night they have a top band on, fireworks displays and lots of dancing. It was good to see some old faces such as Keith, Al and Esther, Graham and Jane and George and Ray – who has now returned from her brief jaunt to New Zealand where daughter Michelle has made an almost full recovery.


Well done to the Piles Town Hall for organizing such a splendid event and we hope to see you there next year.


Buen hecho al Ayuntimiento de Piles por el organisacion de una fiesta espectacular – hemos disfrtutado mucho y esperemos que las fiestas continuan como asi  - gracias a todos.


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