Sax Moores and Christians

  The most important and well known celebrations in Sax, are those of "MOORS and CHRISTIANS", which is celebrated in honour of San Blas, Patron of Villa de Sax since 1627 the Sajeños promised in a solemn vote to celebrate day of San Blas, to demonstrate their devotion and gratefulness to him for freeing them of an epidemic of wars  and to recall the events that took place in this area that ended at the conquest of Sax (until then held by the Moors), by the troops of Jaime I, in 1239.  Originally the festival of San Blas was no more than a religious function in the church attended by all of the neighbours and a series of firings of weapons done in honour of The Saint, by the militia, showing its training in the exercise of the arms.  These powder firings and explosions became an obligatory part of the festival integrating itself with time in the celebration of the festival  as the one of its main representative acts but the celebration continued to evolve and in the early 19th, the military display ended, in the appearance of the Moors and Christians,  which now gives its name to the Celebrations.  With the conclusion of the War of Morocco, in 1860 the comparsa Morocco was established.  In 1874 a group of liberal and republican Sajeños founded the Comparsa de Garibaldinos, in tribute to the hero of the Italian unification.  In 1920 another Comparsa, the Turks was created.  The celebrations of Moors and Christians were growing throughout the last century in splendour and participation.  From 1942 the Celebrations last five days (from the 1 to the 5 of February), In 1970 comparsa Alagoneses is created in memory of D.Artal de Alagón, a Christian Knight who died in this area in 1239 during Reconquista.  The Seventies saw a spectacular impulse to the growth and spectacle of the Celebrations of San Blas, and in 1973 a new comparsa was born called  The Arab Emirs.  The youngest of the comparsas, the Horsemen of Cardona, was established in 1989, coinciding with the 750 anniversary of the events that took place in our town in the distant past in the 13th Century, and which  are continued to be recalled in the main acts of the Celebrations of Moors and Christians of Sax: IE: Entrance, Retreat, Procession of the Candlemas, Slope of Santo, Morning calls, Act of the preacher, Greater Mass, Procession of San Blas, Parades, Embassies, Ascent of Santo, Mass of Thanks, Raffle of Gifts to Santo, Change of Captains and Parade of New Captains.  These celebrations of Moors and Christians, dedicated to San Blas, continue to grow year after year, with some 3000 participants from eight comparsas taking part in the celebrations. 



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