Wine Co-Operative

The Pinoso Co-operative Warehouse, part of the Bocopa Coop.V, was founded in 1932 and is the biggest warehouse in the Province of Alicante. It has a processing capacity of between 7 and 8 million kilograms of grapes and 12 million litres of wine contributed by about 450 partners.  It gathers the grapes from 3,250 hectors of land belonging exclusively to partners of the Coop.V.
The Coop was recently improved with an investment and a grant by the Consellería de Agricultura including renovation of the total system of the reception, sorting and crushing of the grapes. The improvements also incorporated the installation of three new stainless steel containers with the capacity to store 70,000 litres of wine.  The containers are installed with cooling jackets to keep the wine at a constant temperature. The water cooling system has a constant flow system keeping 450,000 litres of wine cool per hour.

All the hoppers, pumps, facilities, and conductors are made of stainless steel. An underground container with a  400 square meter capacity is used to make Cava. When the fermentation process is completed, the better wines are decanted into oak barrels. They produce wines with the highest quality grapes in the finest tradition and they offer some of the best in Spanish and European wines.

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