Sax a short History

Sax a short history.
By  Rauol Martinez 15 years old

The town hugs the base of a striking outcrop of rock, the summit of which bears a fourteenth century castle. The name of the town itself is derived from the Latin word Saxum, meaning rocky place. The castle is heavily fortified with battlements and towers; it is an impressive landmark by day or by night, when it is lit up. An enormous snow well was built in the rocks in the 17th Century; it was used to store snow to provide the town with water in the summer months. You can obtain the key for the castle from the town hall or police station and visit for a day; For a long time the main income for the people of Sax was agriculture, which is still true today. The main crops being wine, olives, cereals and a small area by the Vinalopo river for the cultivation of orchard fruits and vegetables. In the last century, craft industries have grown up such as flour and mills, distilleries and the manufacture of oriental screens. Today most of the population is involved in the shoe and leather making industry, but agriculture still plays an important part. Fiestas are celebrated during the first week of February with the Moors and the Christians. The  population of Sax is 8,605 

I received this letter last week from Rauol and thought that I might share this with you, I think this young chap has a career in writing both in Spanish and English, I do hope he continues to write these shorts for me and you to enjoy.
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