Valencia Fallas 2013

crida-interior1The official events for Fallas 2013 will be starting bright and early on Sunday. The classic "Despertà", or wake-up call, sets out from Calle La Paz in the city centre at 7.30am. From here, the Falleros make their way through the city streets to Plaza del Ayuntamiento, letting everyone know that the festivities have begun. Next, at 10am, "pelota" players will be competing in the Final match at the Trinquete Pelayo court, which is very close to Estación del Norte bus station.



Then, at 12.30pm, local bands will be playing to entertain everyone and encourage all Valencia residents to come out and enjoy the party as they parade round the historic city centre, starting in Plaza de la Virgen and ending in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. At 2pm, thunderous explosions and the smell of gunpowder herald this year's first "mascletà" firework display, announcing that Fallas 2013 is well and truly underway.

That night at 8pm, is when the emblematic opening ceremony for Fallas takes place. La Crida is the moment when the Mayor of Valencia hands over the keys of the city to Valencia's Chief Fallera, who then calls upon all the Falleros to begin the festivities. This event always attracts huge crowds of people, as it is one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year.


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