The Magdalena festival gets underway in Castellón!


The 2013 Magdalena Festival starts on Saturday 2 March and continues through until 10 March with a whole week packed with events and celebrations to suit all tastes and ages. So, this weekend we invite you to get involved in the lead-up to one of Castellón's most international festivals. Come and start enjoying this celebration - you'll find it impossible not to join in!


On Saturday, Castellón will be starting the festivities with a bang by setting off commemorative fireworks. A shell will be set off for each year this unique festival has been held, followed by a Mascletá, an explosive barrage of coordinated firecrackers and fireworks by Gironina de Pedralba pyrotechnics company. That same day at 4 pm, the proclamation takes place, highlighting the legends, history, customs and folklore of Castellón. The proclamation parade lasts 4 hours and moves through the centre-north area of the city. The high point of the parade is when the herald sings the verses written by Bernat Artolà in front of the VIP stand; this moment signals the official start of festival proceedings. That night, we invite you to come and join in the open-air dances that fill the city's streets with music; then at 11 pm the first firework display of the Magdalena festival will be set off by pyrotechnics company Zaragozana.

Gaiatas de la Magdalena

Sunday is when the famous Romería de les Canyes takes place. This is the central event in the Magdalena festival and commemorates the founding of the city with a mass pilgrimage to the chapel of Mary Magdalene, after whom the festival is named. At seven in the morning, hundreds of people flock to the city's main square, Plaza Mayor, to collect the cane that they will carry during the seven-kilometre walk to the chapel. Afterwards, at nightfall, the Gaiatas, brightly-coloured monuments of light, are paraded through the streets, setting out from Calle San Roque. Later that night, we invite you to come and watch the 10th Local Music show in the "Recinto de Conciertos" events venue.

Come and be part of the Magdalena, a festival to dazzle your senses!

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