The festivities in Ontinyent in honour of the Puríssima will begin on November 30th with the ‘Bou en Corda’ (Bull run). On Friday, November 30th the celebrations begin with the traditional 'l'Embolà' in Plaça Major. Leather “balls” are placed on the horns of the bulls during the act. This ancient tradition prevents the bulls from causing injuries during the bull running. At midday on the 1st of December younger children can take part in the ‘Vaqueta’, when a smaller bull runs through the streets, this years bull is called ‘Felino'. From 3pm the real fun begins with the release of the first of three bulls, running starts from Cami dels Carros continuing into Cantereria and Pont Vell up into Plaça Major and surrounding streets. Throughout the afternoon a bull runs every hour for three hours. On Sunday at 5pm the anticipated white bull 'Scorpion' will run through the streets. For those of you who would prefer to watch from safety, there is an enclosure on Pont Vella next to the river where you can enjoy food and drink and watch the runners. Partying goes on late into the night with an open air concert.

The Puríssima festivities also have many religious celebrations including the most popular "La Ofrena de Flors" (Offering of flowers) to the Virgin of Ontinyent which takes place through the streets of Ontinyent until finally arriving at Plaza Coronacio (market square). Here the image of the Puríssima and members of the procession, Llauradors, collect flowers to present to the Virgin. The ‘Ofrena’ is followed by traditional
‘Mascletà’. Children, and adults alike, in Ontinyent know and love the ‘Gegants i Cabets’. These characters only dance on four days of the year: the Corpus Festivity in June and the Puríssima in December. The parade will take place on the evening of December 7th along Carrer Major. The four Gegants dance to medieval music played by the Menetrils and each one is carried by a single person, due to its weight members of the ‘Associació de Gegants i Cabets’ take turns to carry these huge creations. The most important day of the celebrations, 8th December, begins at 6am with the Mass ‘De descubrir’meaning to ‘discover the image’. During the afternoon the second ‘Gegants i Cabets’ parade is held along with dances by Els Arquets, La Veta where children dance with coloured tapes and Els Cavallets, a simulation of a battle between Moorish and Christian armies mounted on fibreglass horses. The Puríssima procession starts at 5.30pm from the Vila and ends with a fireworks display.



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