Whats on & Fiesta Schedules 2009

Listings include Ontinyent &  Castalla
Moros y Cristianos Ontinyent 2009

Holidays declared attractions since 1972

Cartel Holiday 2009


Type:Holiday Program
Start Date:16-08-2009
End Date:06-09-2009
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09:00  In the Hermitage of Santa Ana Holy Mass in suffrage of the deceased festive.
10:00  In the Company of festive"Breakfast of Llàgrima".
22:30  From the festive start of the Sociedade committee of the Board of Governors Primers trons, Charges Festival and Authorities, to the Plaza Mayor, which will be the laying of charges 2009. Acontinuación will take place onOpening Celebrations  by Ms Benita Ferrero-Waldner.


12:00 VIII Old Car Rally from the Plaza de la Concepción.
15:30  In the field of Fuset Competition, and Skeet Hunting Tours.
22:30  In the Plaza MayorXXVI Rope Squad for Kids.


15:30  In the shooting range Fuset, Pigeon Shooting Competition.
17:30  On the street Altet de Sant Joan, Item of Pilota Valenciana.


12:00  Concurrent to Handles Cerverza and Waiters Race, in the Plaza de la Concepció.
16:00  Competition Shooting Quail delivered machine in the shooting range Fuset.
19:00  In the Plaza de la Vila,Music Concert festive  by the Banda Sinfónica "Tot per la Musica" from Ontinyent.21:00  Receipt of  Flags of the eight deputies of the Camino del Cidin Ontinyent. The parade will begin at the Pont Vell, and will continue through to the Plaça de Baix Plaza Mayor.
23:00 Concert of "Revolver"  at the Municipal Sports Center.
23:30  Entertainment for all ages at the Roundabout, with the performance and Noelia Vicente Seguí Cano.
23:30  In the Company of festive,Music festive per a tots "


18:00  From the Plaza de la Concepción and the streets Gomis and Mayans,Entry of Bands. At the end of the Plaza Mayor all the bands along the march participants interpreted arrears "CHIMO" the great composer D. Jose María Ferrero Pastor. This year under the baton of director Tomas Garrido Fernandez.
23:30 Grand Parade "boasting"  pasodoble on the rhythm of the streets and Almaig Daniel Gil.
01:00  In the gardens of the square, the orchestra will Glitter.


11:00 Child Entry  Avenue by Daniel Gil
17:30  BeginINPUT SIDE OF CHRISTIAN  to trigger a powerful case, deployment of real imagination and historical recreation of the triumphal marches are Christian. The captain has the Cides comparsa.
22:30StartINPUT SIDE OF MOROShowing all the magic, fantasy and oriental splendor with the parade of magnificent cadence marches blackberries. All in alluding to the showy choreography representation. The captain has the Mozarabic comparsa. Both avenues Almaig travel and Daniel Gil, finishing Pl Conception


07:30The beginningDianaCoronation Pl from passing through San Antonio, Capellans Les Eres, Dos de Maig, Gomis, Mayans and ending on the Plaza Mayor.
11:30  Starting the parade for the act of smuggling from Pl Conception, starring the comparsas Smugglers and Sailors.
12:00  Be held onContraband  by the groups of sailors and smugglers in the Greater Pl.
13:30  Opening andXII Pregón Medieval Market  in the neighborhood of Vila by Conejero Vicente Bellver (until 23h).. This market is open until Monday.
18:00 Descent of the Holy Christ of Agony, From the Hermitage of Santa Ana to the Parroquia de San Carlos.
01:00  Spectacular"Correfocs.
02:00 Castle Fireworks  in the river (Pont Vell).
02:30  Tekila performance of the orchestra in the Gardens of Glorieta. Free Admission


06:30  Mass Campaign in Calle Mayor Paco Montes. At the end of the Mass from the confluence of streets Sant Josep-Dos de Maig, beginDiana Gala.
11:00  Medieval Market in La Vila (until 23h.)
11:30 Mass. Mayor  in the Parish of San Carlos. At the end of the Mass, visit the Charitable Hospital Santo.
18:00 Solemn ProcessionFrom Dos de Maig street, the street meets Cerdà Francisco and San Antonio. Itinerary: Mayans, Plaza Mayor, Sant Jaume, Coronation Plaza, Sant Antoni, Dos de Maig, Plaza Design and Real to Calle Gomis Parroquia de San Carlos.
01:00Performance of theOrquesta Montecarlo  on the promenade of La Glorieta. Free Admission


10:00  In the parish of San Carlos Real concelebrated Mass in honor of the Holy Christ of Agony.
11:00  Medieval Market in La Vila (until noon).
11:00  Parade of comparsas berries from the neighborhood of Cantereria comparsas and the Christian from the bridge of Santa Maria, arcabucería downloads.
12:00 EMBAJADA MORA  Mayor in Pl. After the embassy and defeated the Christian army, a parade will start until the design Pl.
17:00  Parade of the groups from the Christian district of Cantereria comparsas and the berries from the bridge of Santa Maria, with arcabucería downloads.
18:00 CHRISTIAN EMBASSY  and Final Parade through the streets and Mayans Gomis, ending at Plaza de la Concepción.


11:00  Dual Mass at the Royal Parish of San Carlos.
19:00 Ascent of the Blessed Christ. From the temple the image of the Holy Christ of Agony will be translated in solemn procession to the Ermita. Upon arrival fire was a castle of fireworks and the celebrations will conclude in 2009.






Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20
Tourist Info Ontinyent a fewThematic tours morocristiana  where visitors can discover the origins of the feast and the special event "La Nit del Riu. These routes will begin at 9:30 pm in the "Pont Vell, tour the medieval quarter" La Vila "and ending at the" Museu Fester. " To participate is essentialenroll in Ontinyent Tourist Info: Tel 962916090




Friday 21
Come and enjoy thedramatic entrance  side of the armies of the Muslim and Christian, with dinner included. It has been put on sale apack which includes dinner chair +. You can also book dinner only. For moreinformation and reservations  call:619709270And696970675
Dinner will be served after the entry into Christian school Carmelo Ripoll.


For more information:
Society's festive Holy Christ of Agony
c / Maians, 14
46870 Ontinyent
Tel & Fax: 962380252 - 962380239


More information:

Plaza de Santo Domingo, 13 - Bajo
46870 Tel: 962916090
Fax: 962916303
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The tourist office is not responsible for schedule changes and programming of the various sections of this Program.


00:00-02:00 - BOU EMBOLAT and heifers - Price: 5 €

19:00-21:00 - SHOW - ART MEDITERRANEO - Price: 10 €


00:00 - 02:00 - BOU EMBOLAT and heifers - Price: 5 €

19:00 to 21:00 - III CONCURSO REGIONAL CITY CASTALLA Clip - Price: 10 €

* Tickets may be purchased in advance at the House of Culture and Tourism Office, tickets are available the first week of August.

Cows loose-From 13 to August 16


Venue: CITY CENTER-street adjacent to the square; Carreter, NTRA Sra de la Soledad and Casinos.

Thursday 13
At 00:00 pm And release from confinement cows.
At 19:00 h. Drops of cows

Friday 14
At 00:00 pm Drops of cows
A las 19:00 h. Drops of cows

Saturday 15th
At 00:00 pm Drops of cows
A las 19:00 h. Drops of cows

Sunday 16th
At 00:00 pm Drops of cows
A las 19:00 h. Drops of cows


Price of the chair in gallery to witness the release of cows: 3 €

According to Art. 16 Royal Decree 60/2002 of GV April 23;
1 - Do not allow the participation of under 16 may attend only as spectators.
2 - Do not allow the participation of people who show a lack of physical condition to participate in the festivities.
3 - We will respect the physical integrity of the animals, prohibiting the cruelty and mistreatment of the animals, the use of sticks, sticks, skewers, and throwing objects against these rockets, as well as any other practice that involves torture to animals.
4 - The organizers may seek assistance from law enforcement officials when there is resistance to compliance with the provisions of paragraphs


/ r / nOrganizers:
City Council M.I Castalla


More information:

Plaza Mayor, 3
03420 Tel: 966561018
Fax: 966561018
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Monday, August 31  --"Nit de L'Olleta"


21:00  Input official music bands take part in the festivities. Dinner processions and parades through the streets of Castalla to the Plaza Mayor.


Tuesday, September 1"The Entrance"


12:00 am:  From the balcony of M.I. City Council and chaired by the former authorities, was read the Angelus, the process of "Masclet"The welcome of the Queen of Feasts, and the Mayor of Castalla. Ending with "L 'Boots"Where the band interpreted the official Hinman.
17:00 am:  Entrance of Moors and Christians, following the traditional route.
22:00 am:  The procession will take place in the "Baixa" of the Virgin, which began in the Chapel of Sang, will be accompanied by the groups that Iran firing salvos of arcabucería, and ending at the Parish Church.


Wednesday, September 2--"First Day of Thunder"


8:00 pm:  Swing overall bells and Diana.
9:00 pm:  Mass Comparsas. Christian camp in the parish church and convent in the Moro Bando.
11:00 am:  Mayor solemn Mass in the parish church "Nuestra Ms. de la Soledad. "
12:00 am:  Parade of arcabucería Alarde with, of all the groups from the Christian side of the Church to the Plaza Mayor. Out of authority accompanied by the Honor Squad, whose term will be theBallada de les Flags. Bando El Moro to leave from the conventPlaza Mayor.
17:00 pm:  "Guerrilla" mock battle between Moors and Christians, starting Comparsas Sailors and Christians, Moors and Grocs Mudéjar in the Plaza dels Cavalls L'Era, confronting sides. The Comparsas of Masera, pirates and Moros Vells, starting from the Portal de Onil, confronting sides. Finishing at the House of Fester, with "L'Ambaixada del Moro "  and the surrender of a Christian.
20:30 am:  Traditional Procession "Passeig" Our Patroness Our Lady of Solitude, chaired by the authorities and in all the groups who marched with their bands.


Thursday, September 3  --"Day of the Offering"


8:00 pm:Swing overall bells and Diana.
9:00 pm:  Mass Comparsas. Bando Moro at the Parish Church and the Christian side in the convent.
11:00 am:  Mayor solemn Mass in the parish church of Our LadySolitude.
12:30 pm:  Children's Parade, from Avenida Republica Argentina to the Plaza Mayor. Finished it will be the"Ballada de les flags"  Kids of all Captains.
19:00 am:  Grand procession of all the groups that on the street by Cervantes Avda Republica Argentina, completed in the church with the traditional offering of flowers to Our Hon. Patron.


Friday, September 4--Second Day of Thunder "


 8:00 pm:  Swing of general bells and Diana.
9:00 pm:  Mass Comparsas. Bando Moro at the Parish Church and the Christian side in the convent.
11:00 am:  Mayor solemn Mass in the parish church of Our LadySolitude.
12:00 pm:  Parade with Alarde of arcabucería, all of Bando Comparsas Moro from the Church to the Plaza Mayor, leaving authorities with the Honor Squad, whose term will be the"Ballada Flags of them."The Bando Cristiano leave from the convent to the Plaça Major. Then will the Volta dels Capitans "(presentation by the Masters next year, with displays of arcabucería parade and ending with the latter"Ballada Flags of them,"  by those Capitanes).
17:00 am:  Guerrillas mock battle between Moors and Christians. the Comparsas Masera, pirates and Moros Vells from Plaça dels L'Era Cavalls, confronting sides. The Marineros Comparsas and Christians, Moors and Grocs Mudéjar starting from the Portal d'Onil, confronting sides. Ending with "L'Ambaixada of Cristian "  and accountability of the Moro, in the castle of the House of Fester.
20:30 am:  Procession of thePujada. Starting from the Parish Church, Authorities, Comparsas and bands, in solemn procession farewell to our Hon. Patrona. Arrival of the motorcade of the Placeta Carreter, shall be the Song of Farewell. After this procession in the Hermitage of the Precious Blood.


Saturday, September 5th Day"Day Break"
21:30:  Extraordinario Castle Fireworks as a culmination of the wonderful festivities of Moros y Cristianos Castalla.


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