Inland Trader new website launched !..

It's new, It's here, It wants to buy us beer!

Well, OK not really, but its sooooo good that it really could be like your new best friend - ever. Possibly...

Welcome to the new year - 2006 is going to be hot hot hot! We've survived 6 months of Spanish corporate incompetance in the last half of the year and then finally we had our new phone line installed - Hoorah! but it belonged to one of our village neighbours who was still using it - hoorah twice! Yes, when it comes to indifference and incompetance, Telefonica is up there with the best of them - beaten only last year by - they currently hold the record for over 6 months delay in delivereding the satellite internet service such as it is - and even then their helpdesk is more of a non-help desk! hoorah thrice!

So, we want to hear from our readers - whos got the best story out there? Can you beat the reader who waiting in for 3 days for a UPS deliver, only to see the van drive off because the van driver couldnt reach the bell from his cab and was too lazy to get out and ring it? Or how about the lorry driver who stopped on the main road to shout out his "hellos" to a mate walking by - causing a 2 mile tailback in October. Come on - theres got to be better out there!

Send us your stories and we'll publish all the juicy ones - name and shame (nothing libellous - editorial right reserved!).

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