SAINT CECILIA 22nd November


“cantatibus organis, Caecilia in corde suo soli Domino decantabat...”


(to the sound of musical instruments, Celilia invoked God in her lonely heart, a fragment form the Passion - a text which covers the martyrdom of Saint Cecilia). Band music is the essential part of any festival in Valencian popular culture. It is necessary in parades, marches, processions and other festive events. A component which has created innumerable music bands, practically one for each town, and a great number of musical pieces: pasodobles, Moors and Christians marches, processional marches, etc. So it isn't strange that on the 22nd of November, the Feast of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians since the end of the XV century, music becomes the protagonist of the day in the majority of Valencian towns



FIRA DE TOTS SANTS        22-Nov




The traditional “Fira de Tots Sants” in Concentaina is generally held the end of October and beginning of November. The festival first began as a regional agricultural and livestock show and over the passing of time has turned into a large stage for exhibitions and shows for all sorts of products. Anything can be bought at this fair: from agricultural vehicles, local and national produce, tools, jewels, jewellery, antiques, books, sweets, toys, even ornamental and fruit and vegetable plants, all of it on display by the hundreds of participating exhibitors. Diverse cultural activities and entertainment are featured in the varied programme and include concerts, exhibitions and medieval Roman and Arab markets in the Christian and Moorish areas of Concentaina, which transport you back in time. 


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