Valencia City in October

The city of Valencia celebrates the arrival of James I, the Conqueror, on the day of San Dionis in 1298 with great pride. There is a procession of the Senyera, the Valencian flag, songs in the cathedral and a tribute to the King who granted them their own municipal charter. This was lost after the War of Succesion (1707) and the celebration was banned so no more fireworks could be used. In order to maintain the celebration without breaking the law, the towns' cake makers invented what would come to be known as the Handkerchief of San Dionis. It consists of two pastry cakes which represent the rockets and fireworks, piuletes and tronadors, decorated with lace and having a clearly sexual interpretation, accompanied by versions of typical fruits made of marzipan. All of these are wrapped in beautiful cloths and this, the Mocadorà, is the present given by men to their loved ones on Valencia's own Lover's Day.

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