THE AUGUST FAIR - Valencia Regions




August is a festive month in Xàtiva. It starts with the celebrations of its patron saints, on the 1st with Saint Feliu and on the 5th with Our Lady. But really, the majority of the festival interest is concentrated on the Fair. The Fair of Xàtiva is one of the oldest markets, authorised by King James I in 1250. Around August 15th a great number of cultural, theatrical and musical events take place. There are also fun and games for all ages which complement the more commercial and more expected aspect: hundreds of stalls and salespeople concentrated in the L'Albereda promenade. Nearby, in a popular enclosure, there is a large horse fair with competitions. In the evenings there is Bull running and at night there are open air discos, theatre and fireworks competitions



From the 15th to 25th of August




Bulls are one of the most popular elements in Valencian festivals, mainly in the northern and inland regions of the Province of Valencia. In the second fortnight in August, the bulls are the main attraction in  festivals. In Quatretonda (end of June) and Ayora (middle of August) they hold the entry of the bulls into the town in which the bulls are chased from outside the town to the central square or bull ring. Bulls are also let run free in villages of L`Horta Nord and Camp de Túria (summer months) and the "Bull Week" in Algemesí third and fourth week of September.



The Tomato Festival in Buñol is the most internationally renowned in the province of Valencia. On the last Wednesday in August, thousands of people come from all over the world to prepare for the enormous tomato battle which is the Buñol Tomatina. Over one hour, between 12 midday and one o'clock in the afternoon, seven trucks unload over 10 tonnes of ripe tomatoes for the pleasure and fun of those present. An accidental confrontment between villagers in 1945 using tomatoes as ammunition was the start of this festival which is now the main attraction of the festivals in the town.



Group soakings from buckets of water or hoses, are the most frequent of the fighting games during these hot months. There is only one problem which prevents the celebration of these events, the drought which may restrict the use of water. The festivals of Alaquàs is one of the most impressive of these festivals with thousands of people taking part on the last Sunday of August


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