Tip NO.4 Controllong Snails and Slugs


Spring is the time when snails and slugs appear in the garden having over wintered in a dark hole or damp patch. Luckily we find few slugs in our garden or on the allotment compared to when we gardened in the UK and Ireland but we still take precautions against both when sowing seeds and planting out small plantlets with succulent leaves. As chemicals are banned from our garden for the safety of pets, wild life and humans we only use natural ecological controls.
Mostly we use a sprinkling of neem powder (www.trabe.net) and a ring of comfrey leaves around the outside of recently sown and planted areas and a row of comfrey plants encloses our vegetable plot to deter the entry of snails that gorge on the leaves and generally venture no further. It’s then a case of collecting the snails every week and putting them in a snail cage –available in many Spanish ironmongers – to feed on rosemary leaves for a month before cooking for a delicious tapas ( said to be good for men over 60!). Unfortunately genuine eco snail/slug pellets are hard to find in Spain so we look forward to trying a new product called Pireco that Caudete County Gardens are about to import and launch on their stand at the Homes and Gardens Show in Alicante on the 4th to 6th April. Pireco is also a general insecticide for many common bugs.


By the way if you have any current gardening problems Clodagh and Dick Handscombe will be manning a help desk from 10.00 am until 7.00 pm on Saturday 5 April in the plant area alongside the Caudette Country Gardens stand at the Homes and Gardens Show.

They will be pleased to help you and autograph copies of their gardening books. Copies will also be on sale.‘Clodagh and Dick at last year’s Homes and Gardens’

© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe February 2008.


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