Tip No.5 Gardening by the Moon


The relative positions of the moon and further away planets in relation to the sun and moon have significant impacts on the lives and health of humans, animals and plants not least the flowering plants, vegetables and fruit we grow in our gardens in Spain. Since living in Spain we have explored the benefits of taking these planetary effects in our gardening activities. In the early years we listened to the older villagers who had firm ideas as to when things should be done in relation to the lunar cycles . After a few years we discovered the Calendario Lunar published by Artus Porta in Spain in Spanish and have strived to use it where appropriate to our gardening activities and deciding when to have our hair cut.. In each of our six books on gardening in Spain we included an introductory chapter on gardening by the moon and included one of the key monthly charts from the Artus Porta book with their kind permission. The only problem with that book is that it is in Spanish and although most of the charts can be followed with a rudimentary Spanish vocabulary there are limitations to understanding the text. We were therefore delighted to receive last week a copy of the recently published English translation titled ‘In tune with the moon 2008’   published by  Findhorn Press in Scotland.The price to Spain by mail order including postage is 16.64 euros if ordered via their web site <www.findhornpress.com.> and 18.00 euros if ordered via the telephone 0044-1309-690582 .

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© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe February 2008.

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