Tip No.9 Controlling a Patch of Mint


Spanish hillside reared lamb is delicious especially in the spring. But it can be even better if served with home made mint sauce from the garden. Unfortunately many gardeners don’t grow mint as it can spread unless precautions are taken especially in the benign Spanish climate.

However its spreading habit can be controlled by :

Planting in a large container on a terrace.

Planting in a buried container.

Surrounding the mint patch with a square or circle of fennel . The fennel can be best grown from seed directly into the garden in the spring or autumn.

The advantage of the third idea is that you can not only harvest mint for mint sauce, chocolate mint ice creams and Poleo infusions but you can harvest young fennel for chopping up in salads or steaming for serving as a vegetable with meat or fish dishes.

Luckily fennel is like mint a perennial so young crops can be harvested for several years during most months of the year.

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