Tip No.10 Natural Gardens

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If you have a large garden it is worth considering letting one area grow wild and natural letting the local indigenous plants take over and be added to by the droppings of birds and by wind blown seed. A wide selection of seeds can also be purchased from www.semillassilvestres.com.

If a natural garden appeals to you it is worth visiting the l’Albarda Mediterranean Garden in La Sella near Pedrequer.

Four things make this garden worth a visit.

The late 18th Italian style house and protected gardens now belong to the Fendem Foundation set up to purchase and preserve important gardens and tracts of unspoilt forest land.

Part of the garden is a good example of a wild natural garden full of interesting  indigenous plants and local wildlife although in the middle of the large La Sella urbanisation. No imported sub tropical plants allowed!!

As from the end of June visits include a large rockery planted up with examples of the hundreds of plants that grow naturally on the nearby Montgo Mountain.

The gardens are managed ecologically and fruit trees are old varieties unblemished by today’s hybridisers driven by the size of fruit required for supermarket pre-packs rather than natural larger sizes of fruit.

This garden is open by appointment on most Saturdays throughout the year but is particularly worth visiting in the Spring. Phone either 96-352-3099 or 96-645-6200 to make an appointment. The latter is the Casa Cultura in Pedrequer where one assembles in cars at 09.30 to follow a guide to the gardens.

© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe April 2008.