Tip no. 15 Summer Sulphur

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Natural sulphur powder – azufre in Spanish – is a very useful product to have in the garden shed. Firstly it is regarded as an eco product and less hazardous than the widely used manufactured chemical copper sulphate. We use it weekly during the summer to dust tomato, pepper, courgettes, squashes, melons and grape vines against mildew and other fungal spores. We dust it by partly filling and old sock and shaking it lightly over the  plants. It can also be used in the autumn as a dusting of  soil being prepared for planting vegetables to raise the soils acidy and destroy unwanted micro organisms.

If you have a summer invasion of ants a dusty of sulphur can help you get rid of them.

Just one word of warning . Ensure you store the box of sulphur powder in a dry place as it can go lumpy if it gets damp.

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© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe July 2008