Probably after enjoying the summer months in the pool or on the beach weeds have grown around the garden especially if you have been over watering or there has been a storm. Recognize that hoed or dug out they are with fallen leaves, bird droppings and the soil particles from ‘muddy rain’ the main ingredients of new fertile soil. So collect them up and use as mulch under hedges, put them in the composting bin or leave on the surface of the vegetable plot or orchard to dry to dust and recycle to the soil naturally.

If you are having problems in keeping a compost heap going especially during the dry months read the long chapter on composting in each of our books Your Garden in Spain, Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain and Growing Healthy Fruit in Spain. By the way the Tobac in Barx  still have copies as do the regular stockists Carrefore,  Bookworld Espana and other bookshops plus some British product shops. If you are interested in stocking Santana Books on many Spanish themes contact Emma on 952-48-58-38 – mornings only.

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