Storing Summer Produce

Storing Summer Produce

There is much in the Summer and early Autumn garden that can be stored for later use. So make the best of what’s available. Herbs can be cut and hung up in the naya to dry naturally or dried over night on a Dorrex drier - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Tender herbs such as parsley and dill can frozen ice cubes for use in soups and casseroles. Squash and melons are best stored on shelves in a dry cool place and colgar tomatoes can be kept until required by cutting whole plants when the tomatoes are still green but just starting to colour and hanging them from a beam in a shady cool breezy covered area.

We also bottle and freeze tomatoes and make them into jam. Carrots also make an excellent jam. Almonds are best dried in the sun after removing the shells and then put in baskets or sacks. Apples and pears are best picked hard and stored on trays in a cool cellar.

Beans are best stored frozen whether harvesting young pods for eating or dried pods for dried beans. Hot peppers can be strung up and dried in the sun.

Aubergines don’t store too well except as a pate. We make many kilos for winter use on slices of home made bread.

Lastly if you have two many grapes to eat but insufficient to make wine dry them to make raisins for the Christmas cake.

Hope you enjoy such stored goodies during the autumn and winter.

© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe July 2008.


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