The other day we were asked what was the easiest bulb to establish in Spanish gardens. Thinking about it Irises have to be near the top if not at the top of the list for four reasons.

They like being dry in the summer and damp in the autumn/winter when their roots grow.

The tough skin of the rhizomes provides greater protection from eel worm and summer slug and snail damage than the thinner skins of bulbs such as tulips.

They thrive best in the sun.

There are sizes and colours schemes to fit into most garden colour schemes.

Many gardens have  the basic white and purple flowered varieties common to gardens on the coast and inland. However is an enormous range of irises of varying heights and colours available on your doorstep. Do a search of and click onto catalogue and you will be amazed.

If interested in planting some of their varieties November is the best month so that their roots are fully developed by the spring flowering season so you will need to place an order soon. The rhizomes travel well in the post but you may also be able to arrange to pick up your order from the Lomer’s if you feel like a drive out to the Bernia Valley inland from Calpe. If you are not on the internet you can telephone to place an order on 96-597-3520.

© Clodagh and Dick Handscombe October 2008.

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