Levante Golf Balancing handicaps is an open fair way

levantegolfFUN competitions provide the ideal opportunity to mix up teams to include the full range of handicaps.But how to create a competition which is open and fair to everyone can be a problem for the organiser – unless that is the society uses the computer software package, Handicap Master.Creating a start sheet which includes all the players and then asking the computer to 'balance handicaps' so that each group's total handicap is similar, is achieved by – just ticking a box.Levante used this method at Oliva Nova for a competition in which eight teams of four recorded the best three stableford points scores on each hole.


With a total of 108 points representing net par the winning team, with 112 points, was Mike Cuerden (slope handicap 10), Ken Perkins (19) Harris McCrea (27) and Dick Temperton (37).

Runners-up with 106 points were Roger Mallaburn, Terry Collins, Roy Molyneux and Barry Webb.

It's back to the serious stuff at Levante's next meeting on March 1, one of only three qualifying games remaining to qualify for the Ford Golf Leagues.

The player winning each division will team up for the regional finals. Division 1 looks to be between Brian Norbury, who has a four point lead over Mike Cuerden, while Martin Shaw is the runaway leader of Division 2.


Winners: Mike Cuerden, Ken Perkins, Harris McCrea and Dick Temperton - 112 points

Runners-up: Roger Mallaburn, Terry Collins, Roy Molyneux and Barry Webb, 106 points.

Nearest the pins: Roger Mallaburn and Graham Hutson

Twos: Clive Wright and Alan Turpin

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