Pets Travelling to the UK

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Helping you care for and

protect your pets during journeys to and from UK.


Whenever animals are transported, including journeys with pets, the law says that:

¨No person shall transport any animal in a way which causes or is likely to cause injury or unnecessary suffering to that animal¨

If you pay a carrier (for example a ferry, plane or train) to transport your pets, by law you must meet certain conditions for your pet to travel.

On a shorter ferry and the channel shuttle, your pet will normally have to stay in your vehicle. On longer ferry journeys and on planes your pet will travel in a special container. Be sure to check with the ferries latest policy and kennel facilities.

Carriers may refuse to transport your pet if they are not able to provide suitable conditions for it throughout the journey, or if the animal appears not to be fit to travel. Next issue - Planning your journey.


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