consulateThe British Consulate and the Subdelegación del Gobierno held an event this week to help English speaking residents and tourists access the support that is available for victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence offences account for around 30% of the arrests that the British Consulate is informed about, and the province of Alicante currently has nearly 200 British nationals who are receiving some kind of police protection having filed a report against domestic violence, which is why that Consulate was keen to make sure that all potential victims know where to turn.


The event was opened by the British Consul, Paul Rodwell, and the Delegada del Gobierno, Paula Sánchez de León and both coincided in their message that it is essential to remove any fear or stigma around the issue and to help all victims, including English speakers, to access the extensive support network that exists already.

Mr Rodwell said "As part of our objective to assist the vulnerable, I want to make sure that British nationals are aware of the support that the Spanish state provides for victims of domestic violence. We are experiencing a worrying trend and it is very important that victims know, for example, that they can call the domestic violence helpline 016 and get through to someone English speaking. The social services, courts and women's centres can also offer a wide range of support mechanisms to help victims cope."

During the event, local English speaking associations, such as RBL, Samaritans, HELP Benidorm and HELP Marina Alta and Women in Business, had the opportunity to hear about the different services that are available and how to access them, as well as a chance to meet the local Spanish authorities who offer the support.

Here is a useful checklist of available resources. For more detail, visit

· Emergency services helpline 112 if you feel you are in danger.

· Call the national domestic violence hotline 016 for professional advice on support and services available.

· To make a report:

062 – Civil Guard police

091 – National Police

Domestic Violence Court

Local Duty Court

· For advice, without making a report:

Town Hall Social Services.

Women's Centres 24-hours - tel. 900 58 08 88

Infodona Centres (35 centres throughout Valencian region) – tel. 902 011 029

Assistance to Victims of Crime offices (in local courts)

· Comprehensive information guide on welfare rights for victims of gender-based violence, which can be accessed, in English and Spanish, at

Additional information