Freesat From Sky Cards & Channel 5

It looks like these types of Sky viewing cards will be changing also soon......and that all “blue yellow house” viewing cards may cease to function past September 2009. Messages have been appearing on screens this weekend with a message along the lines of “Your viewing card is about to expire - you may lose channels after September 2009” Unlike the new cards for Sky subscribers, Freesat replacement cards will not be sent out automatically, but via an onscreen message saying the card is due to expire and to contact Sky. If you do nothing then you will lose access to any FTV channels:

ITV1 (in these regions only: Anglia W, Central SW, Mer N, Mer SE, TT S, Yorks E) - Channel 4 HD - FIVE - FIVE USA, FIVE USA +1, FIVER, FIVER +1 - Sky 3 You will not lose access to the free to air channels, such as BBC, ITV or Channel4, that do not require a viewing card to watch. If you purchased a Sky FTV card directly from Sky in the UK after 1st May 2006 you are entitled to a free replacement card. Either call Sky or apply for a new card online before the end of September 2009. You can apply online at: Just enter your viewing card number and it will tell you if you are eligible for a replacement. I am not too sure if their internet location software will stop or identify requests from outside the UK - so be warned that this may not work - maybe get a friend or family member in the UK to do this for you. Please note that this process may be different if you bought your card from an agent or installer in Spain who may charge for a replacement! Similarly there is no mention if the new cards you will get are preactivated or you may also have to contact sky to get the cards activated. Channel 5 Changes If your Sky card, that you use to access Channel Five, is registered in certain regions of the UK, you may have found that you can no longer receive Channel Five. This is because Channel Five have made some changes to ensure the channel can be received in the areas of the UK that are undergoing their switch over from analogue to digital television. So if your Sky card was registered at a UK address in the South, Midlands, East, Wales or Northern Ireland, then your version of Channel Five has been affected. Rather than looking at a frequency that you can easily receive on a small (80cm) satellite dish, your regional version of Channel Five has now been mapped onto the Freesat version of Channel Five. In one way this is good as you can view this regional Channel Five without a Sky card. The bad news is that the frequency for this Freesat version of channel five is the same frequency as BBC2, therefore reception of this will not be available 24-7, even on a big 2.4m satellite dish. However, it is still possible for you to access the stronger signal Channel Five: On your Sky remote control: Press Services - Press 4 - Press 4 - Type in the Frequency of 12422 H 27.5 2/3 And go to Find Channels and Press Select. On this frequency sites the other 3 FIVE regions. Press the Yellow button and you will place a TICK next to the top FIVE. Press Select - and you get the channel line up complete. You have now added a strong signal FIVE to your “Other Channels” list. To access this Press Services, and go to your Other Channels list and select FIVE. It is thought that this is the first stage of Channel Five moving all of its channels free to air - i.e. no sky card required. The down side of this will be that its reception will be as BBC1 or BBC2, depending on which frequency Channel five are allocated by the satellite operator.

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