Live music- Terry Bennett


For those of you who have never seen Terry play  Terry plays what he describes as “Heart and Soul” music – and when he says heart this is exactly how he sings – with real heart. A voice similar to Joe Cocker – deep and gravely, he has a rich resonance, which, in the words of one audience member “Makes the hair stand up on the back your neck”. But he doesn’t just play soul music – he has a very full repertoire and is accompanied by his old faithful backing tracks and his remote control. He transcends the boundaries between Soul, Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues and even delves into Big Band type music – so there is something in his act for everyone.
When we got there he was singing “Sitting on the dock of the bay” of which he was doing an admirable version. The he launched into a few soul numbers – “I feel good” and “My Girl”, before moving up a notch to sing “Mustang Sally” – that great old Rock and Roll tune. When he did Queens “We will rock you” followed by Free’s “All Right Now” ( a number I do myself) he really started to get the crowd moving – foot tapping, dancing and even singing – although not everyone was singing in the same key they were all singing with the same heart.
Terry then did Nat King Coles “Unforgettable” – I am not a huge fan of NKC nor the type of music – or even this particular song, but if you closed you eyes you could almost imagine it was NKC singing the song – he delivered a raspy, powerful version which really did make the hairs on your neck stand up – and I found myself actually liking the song.
But if you think Terry is just a singer then you couldn’t be further from the truth. He plays an absolutely amazing air guitar – as witnessed last night when he was accompanying Queen to “We will Rock You”.  Brian May would have been impressed – if not by his playing talent then the facial expressions – and his air guitar lead solo in the same song left the crowd breathless and panting for more. And more they got - watch out for the infamous tambourine and his hard driving lead tambourine solo – how it still has bells on I will never know – he plays it like Keith Moon played Drums for the Who – fast and furious. 
But there is more to his act – oh yes, Terry is an all round entertainer, cracking jokes (usually at the expense of the owner ), but the crowd joined in on the humour too giving Terry as good as he gave – all done very light-heartedly. If there is one thing you can say about him - he knows how to keep the crowd happy. And the crowd love him – most of the people there last night were regular goers to his concerts. In fact one couple had travelled down from Oliva (I recognised them) and do so every other Friday just to see Terry play.
And watch out for his catchphrase as he gets the crowds drinking – “Raise your glasses and say the magic word – SLURP” – and you know what – everyone did.
Sometimes he puts in words in the songs and you are left wondering “Did he really sing that” and in all likelihood he did, just don’t explain to your children what he said.
All in all Terry played for an impressive 3 hours straight without a break, and every song was easily recognisable so the whole crowd could sing along. Something for everyone.
If you are still not convinced then go and see him yourself – believe me you will not regret it. And if you are a bar owner/venue looking for a crowd pleasing act then there are few better here in the Costa Blanca. Make a date to go and see him – and Bar121 is a very good place to see him – Terry plays there every Friday from 9:30 until 12:00 although seldom comes off so early. (note from Editor- Terry has been recovering recently from a spell of ill health, so best to check venues for dates. Get well soon Terry!)

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