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Easter Sunday was a special day for many of you, not only because it marked the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also because it marked the 10th year of the Rockets and, as if that wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, they were also launching their brand new CD – “Ten Years On” to celebrate the fact that almost to the day the Rockets have been playing for some 10 years.
The place was Tusk in Arenal in Javea. Thankfully I arrived early and grabbed a seat right by the bar and in front of the stage just to make sure I could see the band play - and very glad I did too because 20 minutes later the place started filling up and, by 9:30 there was close on 250-300 people all crammed in to watch what we were hoping would be a one- off occasion.
Will the rockets launch into the stratosphere or would
they fail to ignite on lift off?
There air was heavy with excitement at being at a truly unique event. I am sure there are some of you who are “still” around that remember such auspicious occasions – for example maybe you saw the Beatles play in Hamburg or Liverpool before they became famous, maybe you were at the Eurovision song contest when Brotherhood of Man were launched into the world or maybe you remember the first man on the moon. However it is seldom these days do we get the privilege to witness such an event? Tonight was a real one- off.
Before the start I had the chance to speak to Steve – drummer – and he told me that they were as excited as the crowd. He also mentioned that they were playing much tighter these days and doing more off the cuff stuff.
Tonight is the night the Rockets launch and reach for the stars. Captain Jools at the helm and the boys behind him launched straight into “White Room” by Eric Clapton, followed quickly by “Battleship Chains” sung by Tommy who has a real raspy voice. The Rockets started turning in some fantastic performances from the CD with one of my favourites  and what seems to have become the Rockets theme tune, “Almost Saturday Night” with a little bit of “Rockin All Over the World” in the middle.
This is what live music is all about and the band was clearly enjoying themselves and the audience even more so. There was a real synergy about it all with the band and audience in harmony. In all the times I have seen the Rockets play I have never seen them perform like this before. It truly was a unique occasion as I am sure all those of you who were there will agree.
Even an incident such as the power tripping out didn’t faze them and to be honest I hardly noticed it had happened. The music stopped suddenly and the lights behind the stage went out, but Steve kept playing on. I am sure most people were unaware there had been a power out, assuming like I did initially it was part of the show. Then when the power did come back on again they didn’t miss a beat. It was real professionalism.
After cranking out such monsters as “Wild Thing”,  “Cocaine”, “Shaken' all Over” “While my Guitar Gently Weeps”, and “Knocking on Heavens Door” with a little “Let it Be,” “So Lonely”, “With or Without You” thrown into the middle to mix it up a bit,  the band finished what proved to be a stellar performance to a richly deserved standing ovation. The crowd went wild and justly so. If you were there then you know exactly what I mean – if you weren’t then you missed out on something special.
This was a night to remember and we wish the Rockets every success in the future.
The Rockets will playing in La Taverner in Palma De Gandia on May 13th, so go along and see them. This is one band you do not want to miss out on. If you wish to buy the CD (and you really should) then give Stue a call on 616 367 746.
If you are a bar owner and wish to book the Rockets then give Stue a call– you will not be disappointed.
Track list from the CD “Ten Years On”
All Along The Watchtower
Battleship Chains
Mercury Blues
Almost Saturday Night
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Monkey Around
Summer Of 69
I Just Wanna Make Love To You
Gimme All Your Loving
Wild Thing
Knocking On Heavens Door
Highway To Hell

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