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  Relaxing with a glass of lemonade at arms reach is an intrinsic characteristic of life in the sunshine, and Royal British Legion members along with many other ex-pats enjoy the relaxed environment in Spain.  Furthermore, some are not averse to a glass of lemonade!  There is however a serious side to Legion membership.
The Royal British Legion is the UK’s leading charity providing financial, social and emotional support to British ex-service personnel and their dependants who have fallen on hard times.  With close to half a million members, the Royal British Legion is also one of the leading membership organisations.  Legion members organise local Poppy Appeal collections, Legion members organise social events to raise funds, and crucially, Legion members respond to calls for help from ex-service personnel residing in the geographic area covered by their branch. Organised in a network of branches, the members form two vital links for the Royal British Legion.  The first is between Poppy Appeal HQ and the man/woman in the street. The second and often referred to as the “lifeline” of the Royal British Legion is between the Benevolence Department in London and local ex-service personnel and their families, who are in need.
In Spain, the branch network is established along the heavily populated Mediterranean coastal strip. To bring awareness of Royal British Legion services and extend the “lifeline” to the growing number of ex-service personnel residing in other parts of Spain, the network needs to expand into those areas. Members residing in inland areas and particularly those willing to set up new Legion branches are needed urgently. Royal British Legion membership is open to everyone, ex-service or not. All members are required to support the aims and objectives of the UK’s leading ex-service personnel charity, not all however become actively involved in fund raising and welfare. For some, attending branch meetings, and participating in social activities fills a necessary need for social contact, comradeship, and solace.
If you are a regular visitor or you reside permanently in Spain and would like information about membership of the Royal British Legion, please contact the Spain District North, Recruitment Officer, Roger Dawes on telephone 96 579 0123 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “The Royal British Legion in Spain needs YOU” A slogan similar to that on a wartime poster, applies to the Legion of today just as it did to the army of yesteryear.  Contact Roger now, and offer YOUR membership support to the UK’s leading ex-servicepersons charity.  Royal British Legion branches in Spain are served by the following websites.
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