Spanish Wedding

  Last week I was invited to go to a Spanish wedding. I really didn’t want to go because I don’t like weddings and also I was to be in Fuengirola, in the South of Spain, until Friday evening. The wedding started at 10pm (or the reception did). However, the bride was the daughter of my parents neighbours and they are like family to us, so it was either go or my body would be found floating in a river somewhere (or that’s the gist of it from what Carmen, the mamma  told me).
So, Friday evening at 10pm I turned up outside the Flamingo in Daimus, having just literally got off the motorway 3 minutes earlier, exhausted and really not wanting to go in.
 The bride was Marie Carmen and her groom was Daniel. Marie Carmen hails from Gandia and met Daniel some two and a bit years ago. Daniel himself is from Romania. After a flirtatious affair they decided to tie the knot earlier this year.
The reception started with drinks outside, and it was just as well we weren’t getting the rain that I had passed through in Almeria. After the obligatory photos with the bride and groom the guests were ushered inside. Then with drum rolls, great fanfare and to the tune of “Here comes the Bride” in walked the happy couple to the applause of the waiting crowd.
Once seated the meal was served with military precision highly unusual for Spain. As each course was prepared the waiters came en masse to the head table and each presented the dish to one of the people on the head table. Once they had been given their delights the rest of us mere mortals were served.
Music that evening was presented by a Spanish Duo who play in the local restaurant Los Gemelos. Later a surprise was in store for the happy couple.
Throughout the meal there were shouts from the crowd for the couple to “kiss” each other, which they duly obliged after a bit of prompting. At the end of a delicious six- course meal the groom and his new father- in- law Pedro, went round the gentlemen in the crowd and handed out huge cigars, and later the mother of the bride and the bride herself went round handing out gifts to the ladies, during which time the band played on and some serious dancing was going on.
 When all the gifts were handed out I asked the duo if I could play a special song for the couple. So up I got with guitar in hand and sang “Vivir Sin Aire” a love song by Mana, a popular Mexican band, which was of course dedicated to the happy couple.
Afterwards the party began in earnest and if there is one thing the Spanish know how to do, it is to party.
If you get the chance to go to a Spanish wedding then you really should go. The people will make you feel so welcome, the food is a gourmet delight and the partying is just brilliant.
We would like to wish Marie Carmen and Daniel all the very best for their future lives and because we know they will be reading this edition
Felicidades a Marie Carmen y Daniel para el futuro – esperemos que sus vida pasar bien con mucho suerte y sus ninos tienen mucho salud. Y a los padres Carmen Y Pedro, y la hermana Christina, gracias para su amistad.    Vince.

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