Live music review

It appears the Moraira Music festival yet again stirred up some comments,

even though I thought I had toned it down somewhat this year.

Firstly, a big apology to Chloe Elena. I mentioned that it was she who was

headlining and pulled out. It wasn’t her of course, but someone else. Although

Chloe was meant to be playing that night she had to pull out for health reasons.

You can see Chloe Elena perform her act in Bar Chely in Novetle nr Xativa on

Sunday 25th of June, so get along there and support her.

I also received a text from someone asking me never to turn up to their gigs

again. At first I was perplexed as to who it was, but then he sent another message

saying who they were -Tony and Anthony Rivers. When I bumped into Anthony the

next evening he told me that his dad had taken exception to my comments about

their performance at the Moraira Music Festival.

This was a bit surprising because I didn’t think I had said anything derogatory.

However, he did take exception to my use of the word bus pass, and for this I

apologise because it had nothing to do with their performance, nor was it

relevant. There were also other comments that he took exception to, but I stand

by what I said as I believe it was an accurate reflection of the evening. Although,

Ant proceeded to tell me how bad I was as a singer and guitarist – which I have

never denied by the way – (one thing you did miss out was that I am not a

professional writer) and that he wasn’t being personal, but what right did I have

to comment on how good or bad they were.

The same right as everyone else. A restaurant critic is not necessarily a master

chef, nor is a film critic an Oscar winning actor. They are merely people who enjoy

eating or watching films and give their opinion of it. The same as this column.

I may say things which upset people, but don’t go out of my way to do so.

However, what I won’t do is pander to ego’s, although I will give the benefit of the

doubt. There are many people who go to gigs that read the column. It would soon

become a farce if all I wrote was “This was excellent” because it wouldn’t be

believable. And those people would rightly question the accuracy of what was


It is strange that when I did write a good review of Tony and Anthony - it was

always ´excellent – thanks a lot Vince´. How opinions change to suit. What is that

saying? If you can’t stand the heat….


French Night at 121

Saturday night saw a themed French evening at restaurant 121. With music

from Juan the Spanish guitarist and a French menu complete with French wine. I

asked a couple of French friends down to see what they thought.

When we got there, Juan was already playing. Antoine, who was one of our

party, commented that these were classic French love songs – he loved them. I

have to say I didn’t recognise many of them except a French version of ´my way´

and ´Voyage Voyage´ nonetheless, it was good accompaniment to the excellent

food. The steaks were very tasty. The Roquefort sauce done to perfection and the

salad par.

While we were there, there was a party consisting of Bernard, Marianne,

Maureen and the Lodger who wouldn’t give his name for fear of reprisals. They

were over on holiday and it was Bernard’s birthday. They had a great time and

also enjoyed the food and the music, and they very kindly gave us a slice of

birthday cake.

An excellent evening, and well done to Juan, who had to put together a special

repertoire specifically for the evening, as before he didn’t know many French

songs. He has a very good voice and it fitted perfectly with these types of songs.

You can see Juan playing at 121 every Tuesday evening with his trusty Spanish

Guitar, he is well worth going to visit.

The restaurant has a full menu, although, they normally do more traditional

fare-it is well worth a visit or two.

Later that evening we went to Javea to see the Rockets playing in Bar An

Shebeen. Playing their usual mix of Rock and Roll, it was nice to hear some great

lead solos and gutsy individual performances from Jools, Tommy and Steve.

Tommy in particular, as he excelled himself with his bass solo. An instrument that

is felt rather than heard, he made his guitar sing in the same way Jools does.

Speaking of which there was one moment when I thought Jools was going to

throw his guitar into the audience. In a rash moment reminiscent of Pete

Townsend, he took off his guitar and flung it to the floor, picked it up and put it in

front of the amp to give a well timed dose of feedback by hitting the guitar on the

back. I wouldn’t try this at home, but it was certainly a new spectacle added to

the show.

Steve did his usual ten minute solo on the drums, whilst Jools and Tommy went

for a beer. Actually it was only 8 minutes, but who’s counting.

The two friends I took with me absolutely loved it and I think the Rockets have

two new fans to add. Afterwards they commented that this was a really

professional band and it was good to hear music played so well. Great praise

indeed, from Antoine and Fernando.

I spoke to the guys afterwards who congratulated the Inland Trader for our

honest reporting (unprompted I hasten to add). Steve did say that he thought it

was great because there are no punches pulled and it makes the articles very

believable. He also mentioned that a lot of artists locally read the column – which

is a great endorsement. I didn’t realise the Inland Trader got so far down but

perhaps this is a sign that we need to expand.

Until next time keep it live – and remember opinions are like a???????s –

everybody has one – even me.

Vince Barnes

Antonio and Fernando enjoy the rockets.

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