“Funky Lions Records” was created by two friends, Steve Laneand Maurice Mitchell as they felt there
was a gap in the music industry in this area. This was confirmed by speaking with many local
musicians who all expressed the fact that there was nowhere for them to rehearse, record or play
and meant there was no opportunity for anyone to hear their music.

Steve Laneis a musician/singer songwriter and producer from the UK. He started out playing with his
techno band “NRG” during the nineties and achieved success with various top ten singles and European
tours, including supporting “The Prodigy”. He then went on to produce and record other
artists. Steve believes he can help and support up and coming artists due to his own experiences in the

Maurice Mitchell, a “local entrepreneur”, has lived and worked in the Cocentaina area for 14 years. He
feels that his business knowledge and contacts will be beneficial for the company.
After a lot of time and effort spent researching they decided to open Funky Lions Records on the
10th of May this year. Since their opening they have been amazed at the response, and have already
signed three groups and two solo artists to their label. They include: Ceda El Paso a pop group from
Alcoy who have just recorded their first album written by themselves. Also, Corin a singer/songwriter
from Cocentaina.

Soulmates, a young and inexperienced rock group, but with a lot of talent. Steve is helping and guiding
them in the right direction. At the moment they are busy writing their first album and expect to hear good
things from them in the near future. La Era del Sueño was original started by brother
and sister Noe & Aarón. As children they dreamed of forming a group and later in their teenager years
Aaron became the songwriter and guitarist. His sister Noe became the singer of the group. As they
progressed they began looking for other members for the group, and in 2006 matured to what it is today.
They were signed to the record label this year and are busy recording their first album.
Finally, Jazzal Watson has been involved with the music scene since he can remember. He began as a
guitarist but later evolved into a singer making albums with various artists such as Dave Wright
(Blockhead) the keyboard player of the “Beat” and with groups such as “Fine Young Cannibals”. He has
now decided to make Spain his new home and has signed with the record label.

All the above bands will be performing in the Funky Lion Record showcase, in Cocentaina on the 22nd of
July at “El Teular Cultural Centre”. The concert begins at 8:30 pm with tickets costing 7.50?, but if
you want the chance of free entry Funky Lion Records are giving away 2 free tickets to go the concert to the
lucky winner of the Inland Trader competition. To enter answer the following question which is
contained in the text.

QUESTION: What was the name of Steve Lanes
nineties band?

Text the answer, your name and telephone number
to the Inland Trader mobile number 618329511. The
closing date for this competition is July 12th and
winners will be contacted by telephone.
If you have any demos Funky lions welcome all
styles of music. Please send them to:
Funky Lion Records.
C/ Literato Azorín, 7.
Cocentaina. 03820.

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