Live music review- Zodiac duo

This last couple of weeks has been a bit thin on the ground for music. I did get to see an excellent fiesta band in the form of Titanic. The local town fiestas usually get one of these fiesta bands to come and play and it really is worth going to see them. The sets are fantastic, full lighting rigs the works, and the bands are musically excellent have great stage presence and get the crowds up dancing.  A real professional show. And one well worth going to see – no matter who is playing if you get the chance go and see them.

I also went down to Bar  121 on Thursday as Paisley Park were playing. Apparently 121 were having a bit of trouble with neighbours and have had to get in duos and solo artists for the Thursday night spot, so this night was a one off – or was it. Well it depends – the neighbours have been complaining recently about the noise. Now we all have our rights to enjoy our time in peace, but we´re not talking major festival stuff here, And besides as far as I am aware there is little limit before 1AM and the bands usually finish well before this.

Perhaps its about time that we formed a campaign to keep live music in these places. It is usually down to one moaning minny and although I doubt if that person is reading this column, if any of you know such a person then let them know they are destroying the enjoyment for lots of people.

Magnums in Oliva is another place that is struggling because of the Town Hall. They seem determined to stop Music in Bars. Although, some are suggesting it is against the English owners – La Malabar was not English owned nor was the music aimed predominantly at the Brits. It has also been suggested that perhaps we (the Inland Trader) ought to organize a campaign, do some investigative journalism (What!!) and find out why the prevailing attitude is such.

However, the easiest way of making an impression is for everyone to register on the empadron and electoral register (and I am willing to bet that most of you haven’t yet) and vote with your feet. If you make it known to the town hall that you are not happy with their policies they will change if enough people register – but without it you are just a voice of a tourist because you have no legal status to complain.

Zodiac Duo hit the big time

Saturday night I went down to Danny;s Bar in La Taverner to see the famous Duo (who are still selling their house by the way) Zodiac. For those of you haven’t seen them they are a vocal duo consisting of Gary and Keith. Whilst, it is not my favourite form of music they do a great job of entertaining the crowds and when I got there they already had many on the dance floor.

They play a diverse range of music from the sixties to today and I even heard the birdie song being played (Ugghh) . In fairness it was in a rest period when Gary and Keith were sitting at the bar letting the music play whilst trying to encourage people up to dance (and doing so successfully).

A few people came up to me to say how much they enjoyed the show and the photos bear this out – a good time was had by all. Danny, the owner, mentioned that for the money they are the best he has had. They appeal to all generations and it is perfect family entertainment as witnessed by the large amount of families present.

Danny has also started doing a BBQ on the music nights and for a measly €6 you can get yourself an excellent steak, salad and baked potato. So get along and support him and more than likely Zodiac will be back to entertain the masses with their unique blend of music, madness, patter and mayhem.

Whilst there, Danny also asked me to dispel a myth about Donkey Dave. Apparently both Danny and Dave have had people asking why he is so named – especially since he has appeared in the Inland Trader on a few occasions.

Dave wanted me to perpetuate the myth by telling you all that it was a continuation of his nickname at school “Tripod” – but what you don’t know is that he had VERY short legs. Danny seems to think it may be because he is an ass – but I don’t think that is completely fair (sorry Dave only joking)

The real reason ladies is nothing to do with his prowess or enlarged appendage but more to do with his friend calling him it and it just stuck. How disappointing eh?

Graham Foster returns 9th July

Finally Graham Foster is playing live at La Taverner on Sunday July 9th. Don’t worry about missing the world cup final as Danny is preparing a special evening. He will be starting when the world cup starts and laying on a BBQ, don’t know what the price will be, but if it was like last nights it is excellent value for money and well cooked by Martin.

Afterwards your man Graham will be there playing Solo. This is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed so get along to Bar La Taverner. Tell Danny Vince sent you and if enough people call he promises to do his wild world cup jig – well worth seeing so get along there. His number is 651433582

See you there!

Remember to keep it live cos if you don’t use it you will lose it.

Vince – the opinionated amateur writer who knows nothing.

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