By Mike Walsh

At the last count and rising 14,000 healthcare patients under the care of the Valencia Salud authority, have discovered to their horror that their entitlement to healthcare has been abruptly denied. No explanation has been forthcoming; the reason being there isn't anything but a blanket justification. In each case the 'letter of the law' relating to registration procedure has been thought to be flawed. The onus is on the applicant to prove entitlement; not the authority to disprove it.


This has left many thousands of residents denied access to anything but private healthcare, which is notoriously expensive. Many are pensioners having insufficient resources to go private; some are so infirm that the arduous re-registration procedure is formidable. It can be achieved only with assistance. Much of this will be provided by already overstretched under-resourced local charities.

Of increasing concern is the summary nature of the withdrawal of entitlement. Health vulnerable patients' lives are dependent upon prescription medicines now denied to them. For these it will be a death sentence. For others the denial will exacerbate their condition and possible lad to strokes and other related health issues.

Mike Walsh, journalist says he receives many emails and telephone calls from distressed residents, in some cases their dependents; wanting to know what is going on. Bob Bullingham of Javea says: "We to have suffered withdrawal of health services by Spanish Social Services. We also discover that people with appointments at Denia Hospital are being refused treatment under the Spanish Health System. Many like us have been on the system and have lived here for a number of years.

My wife has to have regular medication and tests due to an ongoing heart condition and cancer treatment. We have lived in Spain for four years and registered onto the Spanish system when we first came to Spain by the correct procedures and have SIP cards and receiving treatment since arriving in Spain without any problems until the recent changes with prescription charges introduced.

My wife made her usual monthly visit to our local clinic in Javea on Monday only to be told that both of us had been taken off the Spanish National Health System.

Checking with Newcastle we were informed by them that our E121 had

been cancelled in Spain in June 2011 but they couldn't give explanation as to why this had happened. The following day we went to Social Services office in Denia and they confirmed that we had been taken off their system and that the original E121 had been cancelled but they were unable to verify why this had happened. We were told by them to get another E121 (Now S1). So the process of

getting back onto the Spanish Social Services system could begin again. Copies of the original documents were presented to them but they said these were of no use.

Again we phoned Newcastle and are now in the process of sending a new S1, and they are trying to find out why the original E121 was cancelled but from what they told us it appears the cancellation came from Spain. At present we are unable establish who is responsible for this but our suspicions tend towards Spanish Social Services. But will we ever get an answer is debatable. We also spoke to the Consulate in Alicante. They are of the opinion that the Spanish Social Services System has been going through their records and are unable to correctly identify who is entitled to health care and have just cancelled the files of many in the La Marina area regardless of their circumstances and now relying on those that have been affected to re-apply.

Is there anyone who has the answers or is it the usual muddle of bureaucracy which the Spanish are experts at. Our fingers are now firmly crossed in the hope that we get this resolved as fast as possible or this could mean us returning to the UK

as it would be not practical to remain because of financially strain this would put onto our finances.

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