Editors Response to letters issue 81

Editors Response

With regards to readers letters issue 81

Letters are the opinions of readers, which are regularly forceful, opinionated and some times derogatory. As Editor I don’t believe my personal thoughts or opinions should have any bearing on whether they are published or not.
What is the point of having a letters page which only publishes the letters the editor likes and agrees with?

Derogatory and critical letters are a regular occurrence, sometimes they are in jest and on other occasions they are serious and may appear rude from an outsiders point of view, who is unaffected by the writers dilemma or privy to all the same information. But readers are adults and I am the editor not the polite police.  

Several of your responses are equally as derogatory as the letter you refer to, but anyone who has felt the need and taken the time to write in deserves to be published in my opinion, as long as letters do not contain liable comments then in true Inland Trader Spirit we are more than happy to publish them and will continue to do so.

Interestingly last night I was watching one of those FBI programs and the Criminologist /  criminal profiler said those people ¨who put pen to paper and express their anger were less likely to commit murder, it is healthy and therapeutic¨ So all of you who wrote in should feel a lot better than those who didn’t bother.

Inland Trader Team prides itself in always being prepared to act in the best interests of our readers and have done so on many occasions. If this means breaking a few eggs along the way and upsetting the apple cart then so be it. Equally, if through the letters pages readers gain some control and a voice then that can only be a good thing.  

Say it as it is and see what happens -  After all the pen is mightier than the sword especially if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp” (Adapted QuoteTerry Pratchett)

If you were hoping for something a little more insulting sorry to disappoint. May be I should have got sports hack 1 to write it, but he is still on a bummer over the defeat of Southampton. J 

Basically the only question I felt required a response was with regards to what as editor is published on the letters page. All the other comments made in these letters I believe have little to do with Inland Trader (typical case of shoot the messenger). Therefore, this is not the place to address the other comments as they would be my personal opinions, but if you buy me a beer I am more than happy to bore you to death and tell you what I Lou personally think or even better we could discuss something far more interesting.

Best Regards  Lou Editor

Interesting fact

The term Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells is a proverbial sign-off-name in the United Kingdom for a letter to a newspaper complaining (often over-excessively) about an objectionable activity. The term apparently dates back to the 1950s. Historian and former newspaper editor Frank Chapman attributes it to the staff of the former Tunbridge Wells Advertiser. The paper's editor, alarmed at a lack of letters from readers, insisted his staff pen a few to fill space. One signed his simply "Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells".

And for you philosophers out there

To Quote the Danish philosopher and Theologian  Soren Kierkegaard
“Truth always rests with the minority, and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority is generally formed by those who really have an opinion, while the strength of a majority is illusory, formed by the gangs who have no opinion -- and who, therefore, in the next instant (when it is evident that the minority is the stronger) assume its opinion... while truth again reverts to a new minority.”

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