My Galgo Friends

My Galgo Friends.
I sit here today finding myself writing from my heart once again about the plight of the Galgos in Spain. Part of me wonders, when will this end - when will we achieve a law against this cruelty? Yet in the meantime I am so driven forward to help them in anyway I can, its becoming for me, my everyday life. Cases, galgos, podencos, emails, rescues, and all the time sadness in the will to try to help them and happiness for those who make it to safety.
It's with this in mind I wanted to tell you about a case, a really special Galgo. She has really made an impact in my heart and I wanted to share it with you. She made her own choice and that’s rare for a Galgo. Her story is as follows:

Reina is a young brindle Galgo, she was wandering round the streets in Sevilla. Lola, a carer of the Galgos pulled into the local supermarket and Reina caught her eye, thin, emaciated, with shocking "burnt" paws, she allowed Lola to stroked her. Lola then went into the store to buy food for her. On returning to the street Reina had gone. Sad, Lola looked round, and went to the car, another Galgo gone she thought to herself. On opening the boot to place in the shopping - sliding between the 2 cars comes Reina. Reina decides she is more scared on the street than she is of what an owner has done to her or what another could do, she jumps into the car. This is very unusual for a Galgo to be so brave, they are usually so very lonely and scared. Beaten down she can’t handle the streets any longer and she found Lola. Lola took her home, and began her recuperation process, de-flea treatments, wormed, bathed, treatment for her paws at the vet, and became her foster mom. Danger lurked round the corner as a "galguero" (hunter) spotted her and asked for her on a walk, this may I add is common.  Lola now nervous and fearing what might  happen rushes home and makes some calls, hoping to find Reina another home. Her initial fears happened.  While showering "someone" entered into the house and stole Reina. It’s as plain as that, hunters will stop at very little if they see a Galgo they like, they think they can just take them, after all they are only tools, objects that feel nothing. Forcing them into tiny holes, boots of cars, horrendous travel trailers the size of a suitcase. It doesn’t matter its just a tool, throw it in.
Hysterical, Lola and her associates began the search. Reina had tested positive to leishmaniosis (sandfly) albeit it had not affected her organs, treatment is cheap to buy 1 tablet a day, and 6 monthly revisions. (She can live a perfectly happy life and a normal one.)  Reina wears a tag saying leish positive.
The search began posters, word of mouth, confronting all the builders where they suspected word had got out at seeing Reina with Lola, the building site over looked the garden of the house. The message clear, Reina is no good for hunting, breeding and has Leish. Continued pressure was applied to this area where they suspected the "thief" had come from, stating denuncias were in place, exhausted they sat, feeling low. Then  300 metres away a car stopped, a bundle was thrown out and without seeing exactly what it was, REINA REINA REAINA was called, gut feeling from her carers knew it was her, she ran and ran for her life into the arms once again of her foster Mom. She recovered but no one knows what happened while she was gone. It was clear she could not stay in Sevilla and she has now found safety in a foster carers home in Barcelona. A miracle she was returned at all,  its unusual, Reina chose Lola on the street that day finding inner strength to be saved and then to be saved again.
Reina is looking for a forever home, as are thousands of Galgos. each with their own tragic story -  if you think you are that special person who can offer Reina the safety and love she has only just begun to know, but forever, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text54807+'<\/a>'; //--> or Aurora at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text21482+'<\/a>'; //-->  she deserves safety and love.

 Man's best freind is being let down by man, "May you the Galgo rise up in society to become the household pet you so deserve to be!"
A galgo lover
 "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing!" Albert Einstein.

I find myself reaching to you all, asking for your help since the plight of the galgos needs more publicity. We need links onto radio stations, Tv ad's.. where are the dog food companies who place the loving lab on their sacks of food or playing on the adverts, why do we never see a galgo? When publicity in this way hits the screens, becomes the norm thats when I will see we are getting somewhere in that people see Galgos as pets. They surely are, they make the most loving pets. I have 3 children and Ambo ambasadog, adores them. He sits quietly when they need it, he licks them when they cry, and plays whenever they are ready. What more is there to need in a pet around children? Loyal, serene, they dont deserve the treatment they get.
I hear the mistaken phrase all the time when I go out, "oh I bet he needs a lot of excercise, they run fast!" I dont walk Ambo anymore than I do my little dog, he does not offer chase or run and play any different to any other dog.
For me, personally I find myself pulled in several directions trying to do my best to help, I know I cannot do that without public help. I find myself arranging the fiesta, and more to come, going to CYD SANTA MARIA Equine assoc. a place of sanctuary here in Malaga, my first love are horses - horses also get the raw end of the deal in that they become used and abused. I go in the search of seeing what we are all about, those who rescue animals and try to restore their dignity and inner peace in this world. Seeing what I can add to what seems to be the norm where animals are concerned, the blasé attitude and lack or responsibility in caring forever for an animal, - big or small. for more information please look onto the CYD site. They too need help.....
 All these cases are criminal, harsh reality of galgos thrown in wells, hung, left to starve chained to a wall, rot alone. Burnt alive because once they had an ID. Thousands and thousands of cases. If you wish to help please contact me and more information is on my web there are many many ways to help, just by signing the PETA peticion on the web, is a help and you can do so from the comfort of your home. By far, the best help is a gift of a 2nd opportunity for a galgo, a home of love and safety.
One day I hope to open a residency for holiday making dogs, something special, something a little different, at the same time I will have a place set aside for the galgos who need that safety, again a place of sanctuary.. it's my goal to achieve this and I very much hope that offers other people the chance to come to visit the galgos and see what kind of pets they make. In the meantime you will be sure to find an abandoned galgo in any shelter, and thousands between the the "galgo assoc who are looking for homes". As always I dedicate all I write, every conversation I have about the galgos, to the associations who work tirelessly to rescue and cure galgos of their horrendous past lives in their tireless attempts to re-home a galgo, above all I dedicate everything I say about the galgos, to the galgos themselves.. those rescued, and those in the cold, awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and offer them a new life of love and warmth. 

Charlotte & Ambo Ambasadog!
Ambo is kindly sponsored by `The natural dog food specialists'
"Que todos los galgos tengan un rayo de esperanza!"

"May every galgo have a ray of hope!" Carlota.
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing!" A.Einstein.

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