The Plight of the Spanish Galgo continues...

The Plight of the Spanish Galgo Continues...
As the hunting season closed, the assoc. in Spain, France and other European countries and the USA have swung into action and the rescues are in full swing. Galgos are being found on most street corners of most small towns and the countryside is full with sightings of Galgos running scared. The rescues are fast and furious removing Galgos out of wells and taking them down from trees as they await the kind hand of their guardian angel to cut the noose which is strangling their necks! Their pain enormous and their hearts heavy. A miracle if a volunteer reaches them in time!
Sadly there are many cases to tell you about, too many. The associations are bursting and the opportunities for foster homes slim, leaving many a Galgo, odenco and Spaniel to street life.
I recently had news from a friend of mine in Jaen martos, of whom we put out a plea for a foster home.. he had been hot on the heels of a galga Mama and her babies newly born in an area where the hunting land "coto de caza" had a guard patrolling. He too was hot on the heels of the galga! News reached us that the efforts to rescue her were in vain, the guard had found her first and shot her dead .. along with her babies. She did no wrong; she was just looking for a way to live, to keep her babies safe from which she had acquired from unscrupulous breeding. Now, truly paying the price for being a Galgo in Spain. One way or another, their lives are cut short.
It’s a dark and dangerous world if you are a Galgo in Spain. Here, Galgos = vermin!
While rescue is without a doubt essential, it’s not the answer to the massive problem. The answer to this is a law to protect these animals, a law against hunting, a campaign on animal welfare. I ask you to please not close your eyes, the Galgo is the most serene and noblest of animals and there are many many ways of helping them. If by talking to people you tell someone who doesn’t know, you have done a lot. Sign petitions, write to the President of Spain, help sew rugs, as the cold nights are hard on the Galgos, send supplies, foster care and above all if you are thinking about adopting a dog, please spare a thought for the Galgo. They will offer you unconditional love like you have never felt before. Always remember you are saving 2, the one you offer a forever home to and the space you are leaving in the assoc. for the next one to fill!!  
Publicity for me is the way forward, so if you work on a radio station, a TV channel, and can offer more publicity we would be grateful. I know that animal lovers would not put up with such abuse and you can do something about it. I need you, the Galgos of Spain need you, and the associations need you. In great numbers we can achieve so much!

There was a protest in Barcelona which held a great many people, the video is on my web. having said that, the "hunters" are now planning a protest in favour of hunting. I would imagine they are fewer than those of us who love our animals and wish to protect them.
Noel who I wrote about from Galgos sin Fronteras who was found hanging from a tree at Christmas has been rehomed and is happy in France. Reina who stole my heart, will be going to France to find a forever home. 
For me, I was honoured to spend an afternoon with Cristina Morena in person from assoc. Galgos sin Fronteras and her galga Dulcenia. Cristina is one of the people who has been working the cause of the Galgos for many many years and I felt truly glad to meet her in person. A truly warm person and having seen so much pain and helped so many Galgos find happiness I felt quite humble.
For any further information regarding foster care adoptions, or ways to help please look at my web, or send me an email, I will always respond. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text83049+'<\/a>'; //-->
I just want to say a BIG thanks to all who read my letters and have taken the Galgos to heart. Also to the Inland Trader for their support. As ever I dedicate all my letters, to the assoc, the guardian angels of the Galgos, those who talk about the Galgos, those who help in whatever way and above all the Galgos themselves for their strong sense of faith that one day it will be their turn to feel kindness and warmth.
"May you the Galgo, rise back up in society and become the household pet you so deserve to be!" As always in Galgo affection.
Carlota and Ambo

Help for BRUNO (story on my web)
If you wish to voice your complaints about hunting with Galgos, and the abuse they endure, below please find 2 government emails of  where you can send your emails to:
PRESIDENT :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text10469+'<\/a>'; //-->
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text42990+'<\/a>'; //-->  


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