The Invisible Galgo Jan

Once again I write from the heart with good and not so good news. Its always so hard to know where to begin because the cases of Galgos just never seems to end and this year there seems to be some horrendous cases. With that in mind I introduce to you to ¨The Invisible Galgo Jan¨. was contacted a little while go by builders about a dog abandoned in a building site.  The rescuer got close and was incredibly surprised by what she saw, it was unreal. The builders had been putting food down for a group of dogs, some with babies, one pregnant, and the list went on, then the invisible Galgo slithers through, he eats the left overs of what the builders have offered the pack to eat. Not even the dogs allow ¨The Invisible Galgo Jan¨.  to be close. 
Galgos have a way of feeling they are ghosts, they walk the streets at night in the hope no one sees them, scared of humans, trembling. The dogs were rescued, but as always it takes time to rescue a galgo... Loli took her time, when she asked the builders why they were no longer feeding the only dog left to rescue, their response was "well its just a Galgo, he can find his own way in life". To her horror but again seeing the way people think of the Galgos, she set to work on gaining Jan´s trust. She did eventually, but what she saw was a dog who has been there for around 2 years, with tremendous wounds.

The pain this Galgo must have been in, it was unbelievable that he was alive. He had a shocking wound on his head which was open, a nail encrusted in his body, wire wrapped around the paw which had cut so deep and had been there so long that skin had started to grow over it. The body covered in scrapes and old wounds. From vet X-rays he also had a broken rib. He wandered around in mortal agony - invisible to all. Those who know the Galgo, know if you look into their eyes, they can tell you a tale that will sink into your heart and will stay there forever, deep in your heart like any pet should be. Jan is up for adoption and has had successful operations on his paw to remove the wire and luckily has not needed amputation. However his vet fees are climbing and the costs are expensive. The assoc. never shy away from a Galgo who needs help.  He is however seeing a neurologist and his wounds are still being cared for. He has no teeth, but he eats well, he is vary calm and quiet and needs a very quiet life. Jan is around 8 years old,  and has lived through hell, and has become like all abandoned Galgos - INVISIBLE! Now he feels the love in foster care he has never felt before, but soon will need  a forever home. A special quiet one - for his needs are just that,- special. If you can help Jan in anyway or the assoc. caring for Jan please contact or myself This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text96833+'<\/a>'; //--> It would be appreciated to see he is no longer "the invisible galgo." 
The exciting news, comes from Sandra Bass, Sandra dedicates her time to rescues and helping the assoc. She makes special jewellery, games, bags and collars for the Galgos, all with the Galgo logo on them. The proceeds go to supporting some associations. It’s a great way to help and I can personally speak for her products they are AMAZING and I love them. They are a great way to get people talking about the Galgos as there is a Galgo logo on everything. People ask as I have a ring which is big and its a great start of for letting people know about the plight. They make great  gifts and can be shipped internationally.  Sandra was offered from a company some 3,000  vaccinations, which is an amazing gift for the associations. Those who needed them most were sent all they needed and the rest were shared around the associations. It’s great to know some companies think of the Galgos, and I thank Sandra for all the work she does and also the company who sent the much needed vaccinations.
I wish everyday there could be an end to the Galgos plight; I tremble as I think of the Galgos suffering, I long and fight hard for a law to be passed against this suffering. And long to see many a Galgo walking proudly by their owners - proud to be a pet and not a slave who is kept in the cold, starved and beaten. 

 And to see an end to such terrible tales such as Agua, a Galga in Sevilla, who recently clung to a canal river bed trying to climb out and save her babies, but to no avail, 2 were swept away by the current, and no one helped, it was fiesta time in Sevilla, that took precedence. Finally  a rescuer saw her and jumped in and rescued her and her last remaining puppy. She is now up for adoption. The cruelty the Galgos face and endure is beyond sadness, yet they are the most serene loyal pets,  at times you think they are smiling at you. Saved, warm and grateful forever!
May you the Galgo rise back up in society and become the household pet you so deserve to be.  
Carlota, a Galgos friend! 

Charlotte & Ambo Ambasadog!
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